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Borewell water level drop, able to pump water only for 3-4 mins: Does the bore need flushing?


We had drilled borewell in 2003. I don't have the complete information regarding the borewell. Couple of years back, there was big hole around the borewell and mud entered into the borewell. From then on, water level started dropping. I have an immersible motor to pump water from borewell to the sump. Now there are 2 or more bores drilled by other house owners. Now I see a complete drop in water level. On powering the pump, there will be water for 3-4 min after which there will be no water. If I try after 3-4 hours I will get water for 3-4min. 

1. Is this behaviour due to the fact that the water level gone down, or,

2. Does the bore need flushing?

Can anyone visit my house and advice on resolving this issue. 

Location: Abbiah Reddy Layout

Kaggadasapura, CV Raman Nagar Post

Bangalore - 560093

Thanks and regards





1. How to improve the yield of bore well

First of all, you must have the technical information regarding the bore hole. Now since you do not have the information, you may take the following types of action to develop the bore hole to increase the yield.

  1. The borehole may be observed with a web camera to detect the actual depth of entrance (leakage in casing pipe) of soil, then it may be closed/ repaired by fixing up another extra pipe at the required depth.
  2. Water flushing by bringing water from other water source up to removal of soil that has entered the bore well.
  3. There may be filled up soil beneath the bore well, the soil may be drawn up with the help of local experts. The bore well choke up with soil may be cleaned with the help of air compressor of 100-150 for 2-10 hours according to the need.
  4. After all these actions if the bore hole is not repaired then last solution is to drill anew bore well systematically.

Mr. R. B. Sudani [PGDEE]                                                                   

Director, Bhoojalshree Geotech Consultant
E-mail :

2. Advice for your bore well - Lift the pump & flush

I am an bore well and pump contractor. Please follow the instructions:

(1) Try to lift the pump; if it is lifted then follow instruction (2) otherwise, follow instruction (3)

(2) Please clean and flush out your bore well by using 450 CFM or above air compressor capacity (ask your nearest bore well contractor)

If it has flushed out your entire bore depth, then provide a slotted PVC pipe for entire depth. If it is not flushed out, then ask your bore well contractor to 'RESET' your bore well (it means to re-drilling for the entire depth of bore well). Then provide the slotted PVC pipe for the entire depth of the borewell.

(3) Ask your pump mechanic to get a pulley block arrangement capacity (at least 4-6 tons). Try to lift the pump using the pulley block, meanwhile you have to flush out your borewell using 450 CFM and above air compressor capacity. If you use the HDPE pipe then the possibility of lifting the bore well is only 20%. Other wise, if it is GI pipe or UPVC the chances of lifting is nearly 75%.

3. I won't advice you to flush the borewell if you get clear water

Dear Mr. Aman,

I won't advice you to flush the borewell, if you are getting clear water, ie., water without any muddy sediments. If some foreign particles such as clay, mud or soil entered into the borehole, definitely there would be turbidity. Otherwise we can presume that your water shortage is due to the regional groundwater depletion taken place in years which is quite common in metros like Bangalore.

If it is so, the best option is to install a fully automatic panel board by replacing the existing manual panel board so that the pump will stop when it just starts 'dry-run'. It will restart only after a particular time set by us.( Min. Half an hour to Max. 4 Hours in multiples of 30 minutes.). This system will cost only Rs.4000-5000. It can be self installed on tele-instructions.

All the best.
Neeradhan, 09447087293

4. The best advice for your bore well - Lift the pump & flush

Dear Sir,

You should directly contact the nearest hydro geologists in person for better solution of your problem. We think it is impossible to advise you here online.
Wish you all the best.

Ratilal Sudani,
Groundwater Investigation Division,
Bhoojalshree Geotech Consultant.
ANAND : Gujarat, 09427382368

Dr. Suresh Pawar,
(Ph D in hydrogeology) & Higher Study in Germany
Director, Bhoojalshree Hydrogeotech, Pune, Maharashtra.
Cell : 09822645787

5. Need not flush your borewell if you are getting clean water

Dear Aman,

To your queries regarding the performance of your borewell based on limited information provided by you

1 Is this behaviour due to the fact that the water level gone down
Ans> Before you do anything, drop a small pebble of maximum 5-10 mm diameter in the borewell and try to see the time taken for this to hit the water, when it hits water it will make a audible sound from this you can calculate the standing water level in your borewell (thumb rule is approx 13-15ft per second of drop)
It is crude but gives some starting information this has to be done 3 times and the average is to be taken for calculations. Then start the pump and when it stops do the same.

2. Does the bore need flushing?
Ans> As rightly suggested by Neeradhan, if you are getting clean water you do not require to flush the borewell.
The reason you are not able to pump water may be that there is a leak developed in the delivery pipeline very close to the outlet of the pump, this will also not allow water to be pumped out. The only way you can be sure if there is a leak developed is to observe the ampere reading if it remains steady even when the borewell is not discharging water at the surface indicates that the pipeline has delivered a leak and the pump is not running dry. Or the implers have gone bad and cannot develop the required head.

Once you have made these observation you can get back to me I will tell you where your problems lies and what you could do next.

All the best.
Dr. Anil Lalwani

6. Need help ampere reading steady at 10, but no water ?

Hi Dr Anil,

I was following your answers and checked the ampere reading too. I have the same problem with my borewell. Water flows for a minute or 2 and stops. The ampere reading is steady at 10 with or without the discharge of water.

Another issue is the switch. It shuts itself off and we have repaired it/replaced with new one as it wasnt switching on. The new one again switched itself off and I noticed the ampere reading is 25 when it got switched off.

How should I proceed with these 2 issues?




7. Sound of water heard,seems like water is flowing away-Pl suggest


We have a borewell which was drilled in the year 2005 and had limited water supply i.e 2.5 inch which used to run for an approximately 30 to 35 mins. We keep hearing lot of sound, seems the water is falling down and passing away from the borewell. Does this mean that the water passes away in different direction? Can we drill 100 feet more, to increase the water source? We are planning to drill about 100 feet more currently its 400 feet. Would require your valuable comments and suggestions.

Is there any way to look down in the borewell to see the water passage? We have a belief that the borewell has lot of water but it passes away in different route rather than staying in our borewell.

Is it possible to have a camera check the ground level and water path @ 350 feet ?

8. Contact us for more details

Hi Santhosh,

Yes, currently we are doing borewell scanning. It will help you to find the water sources, storage and the yield of water and its levels.

Please contact A2z borewell solutions at +91-9019940085 or +91-9538813331.

Madhukar Gowda

9. Can we channel the rain water directly in the borewell?


My name is Eshwar, we have bore well at home. There is acute water shortage in the recent months, we are getting water say for 10 mins or so, and since the rainy season is here, is it ok to send the roof rain water directly to the bore well after filtering with a proper planning?
Will this help in any way? Can it be done or will there be any problem if we do this?
Please suggest.


10. Yield and output reduction in well

I have a 10 cent , that is, two grounds of land, have a bore well of 4 inch dia and 180 feet deep. The yield reduced and out put reduced due to compressor pumping, however it worked since 1996 and was able to cater around for some coconut trees with out drying. The 1 hp compressor supplied air through a 1/4 inch air line and pumped through s 1inch line. The pumped water used to bring fine particles of sand, over the years the 1 inch line started to get clogged with this sand particles like a colic formation concentrically.

Presently drilled another hole same dia around 250 feet tested the well with a 1 hp pump at 220 feet depth (the motor really took 14 amps don't know about this load current), the yield was not enough for the pump, so decided to remove the pump and use the same compressor to pump out water, the water is with out contamination and not salty but small particles of sand is added to the pumped water.

This is only to give idea of deep well bores and issues and solutions, hope this helps whoever reads the article. When we drilled, first wetness was observed around 60 feet where our put outer also left at 60 feet, later at 210 feet we had seen some water particles. The depth of second well is 250 feet exactly.

11. Problem in bore water output for last one-two years, Hyderabad

Dear Sir,

I am resident of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (Vijayanagar Colony) and have bore at home with depth of 165 feet and 4" size of bore with 1 HP machine. The bore has been nearly 8-9 years old and was fully giving the required output for more than 7 years. During this time neighbours have had new bores (around 200+feet depth) which ran for two -three years after which there was no output and ours was giving good output during that time as well.

But for the last two years, the output has dropped and output is only mostly during rainy season. What are the ways forward

  1. Is flushing suggested and give some improvement
  2. Go for new bore - which I understand may be there are regulations to take permission etc.
  3. Use submersible pump, any other suitable alternative.

Any possible solutions which can help us, please connect on the following number or provide your number will contact you.

Thanks & regards,


12. How to test borewell compressor & calculate head, discharge?

Dear Sir

How to test borewell compressor and how to calculate head and discharge?

13. How to conduct the yield test for borewell?

How to conduct yield test for a borewell?

14. How to bring the bore water to the ground level from 830 feet

How to bring bore water to the ground level when the depth of the borewell is at 830 feet.

15. Through borewell scanning you can get real view of water yield

Hi Jafar,

You can do a borewell scanning on your borewell so that you can have real view of the water yield.

Currently we are handling all types of borewell queries, like bore hole scanning, repair , drilling , re-drilling (re-bore), please contact A2z borewell solutions at - 9019940085 or 9538813331 for more details.

Madhukar Gowda

16. Borewell depth 230 ft, got water only for 7 mins - Need help


The borewell depth is 230 ft and after 24 hours got water for seven minutes.

Would it be a good idea to drill a further of 100 ft.

17. Try cleaning of the pump, as mud or silt could be obstructing

I think you should go for cleaning of the pump, as it may be possible that the mud is interrupting the way of water and is also absorbing water.

18. Need help to revive borewell of 330 feet


Until recently my borewell was yielding good water source but when another bore was dug nearby we have been having problems with the water yeild. Here are my technical details.

My borewell's depth is: 360 ft, new borewell on the next road: 450ft.

Water source during my digging was @ 300ft, water surface is 300 ft,  borewell depth is 330 ft and 30ft is with silt.

Got my motor up & we tested it, is working fine.

I tried flushing my borewell with the compressor, water is not coming to the top. I even filled some water into my borewell but still the water is not coming up. The compressor that I got for flushing has only one pipe inlet and it ran for 30minutes in total. Is this enough?

My borewell is in the car park of my house and the car park ground-roof height is 11ft. Can someone help me with the information how to revive my borewell?


19. Contact us for more details

Hi Girish,

If you are interested we can send our technicians and they will try and help you with your issue.

Please contact A2z borewell solutions for more details at +91-9019940085 or +91-9538813331.

Madhukar Gowda

20. Need help to revive water yeild in borewell

We have dug a borewell in our society and flow of water is very good. Recently our neighbeour has dug a horizontal bore drilling in his well and from that time our borewell water level has gone down and is not providing water like before.

How do I overcome this problem, will the horizontal bore affect the water levels on my borewell?

21. Need info on the pump and pipe to install for 750 ft bore

Hi ,

We drilled borewell last year to the depth of 750 feet. The borewell yeild was very less arround 1" water and immediately we had sealed it . Now we are planning for construction and planning to install motor and pipes and need some clarifiaction

  • How do we measure the water level now?
  • What is the pipe and pump we need to use to draw the water from 750 feet deep bore
  • What would be the average cost of motor and pipe?

Regards, Ann.

22. A borewell scan will give correct info on the motor capacity

Hi Ann,

First you can do a borewell scanning and based upon the yield we can suggest the capacity of the motor that will be ideal for the borewell.  Please contact A2z borewell solutions for more details at  - +91-9019940085 or +91-9538813331.

Madhukar Gowda

23. Borewell depth 200 ft, water pumps only for 2--3 mins, need help

Borewell depth 200 feet drilled in Feb 2012 and 1 HP submersible pump was installed to lift water. Since last year there was no problem, but for the last 15 the water comes for 2-3 minutes. Water quality is clear. Our location is at west Venkatapuram, Trimalagiri post, Secunderabad-500015. It seems like the be groundwater level has gone very low or dried up. Kindly suggest, if I should go for flushing or redrilling another 100 ft or should I drill a new bore well?

24. Motor takes low amps when water level gets low


Note, if the water level gets low the amps of the motor drops and takes on low amps. If you need any kind of solution relating to borewell, contact us at Thousif Khan - +91-9986830231.

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