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Borewell collapse at 645 feet, depth of water available just 5 feet, water source appears to be connected to another borewell: Will further drilling help?


My house construction (in 30x40 site) has started and now its at the foundation level. We had drilled a borewell and the information is as follows,

Borewell location : K.R.Puram (Mahadevapura), Bangalore East
Drilling time: Mid November, 2011
Depth of borewell : 650 feet
Depth of 6.5 ” casing : 80 feet
Depth of 10" PVC Casing pipe: 10 feet.

Yield data - I yield: 640 feet, 2.5".

On further drilling, boulders were found at 645 feet. and we continued to drill till 660 Feet.
It was meant to be used during the house construction. Now, before inserting pump we checked with a camera and found that the well has collapsed at 645 feet onwards and the depth of water we have is just 5 feet. Also looks like water source is connecting to another borewell, as water is not rising above 640 feet though we had 2.5" to 3" water during drilling.

Can you please advise whether drilling for another 100 to 200 feet will help?
Is it possible to install PVC filter pipe from 640 onwards using any method after re-drilling for another 100 t0 200 feet?
Any solution will be greatly appreciated.

Mahendra S



1. How to protect collapse in borewell

After drilling, immediately collapse is not observed and takes a minimum of one day, then you may arrange another drilling for only 50 feet. Before drilling, you will have to arrange a pipe of 100 feet length. The diameter of the pipe should be 0.5 inches less than the diameter of bore hole. This pipe also should be small drilled (i.e. mash) to allow the ground water to come inside the pipe.

If just the total depth of 710 ft is completed, then the above prepared filter pipe should be put freely inside the hole. The pipe should be fixed up at bottom and from the bottom last 100 feet of borehole will be protected. Thus the collapse around a depth of 640 could be stopped up. The accuracy at every stage is necessary to get better result. These types of practices are more beneficial compared to use of casing pipe throughout.

Mr. R. B. Sudani [PGDEE]                                                                   

Director, Bhoojalshree Geotech Consultant
E-mail : 

2. Regarding your problem: Intermediate casings

Sir, yes it is possible to have intermediate casings between the bore well.

Please contact Saravana borewell fishing works which is at Kunathur. It is in Tamilnadu (Erode district). They are doing such  special type of work like fixing PVC casings from intermediate bore called "Inner casing" and fishing of submersible pumps from borewells for about 15years.

Contact: Saravana Borewell Fishing Works

3. Do not waste money on existing borewell-Wait fot it to fill up

No, please don't waste your money on the existing borewell. I think you reached the dry fracture zone. In that, if it is possible to drill further, it may be collapse. so just give one year time for your bore well's dry fracture to get filled and you might get water.

If the dry fracture fills up with water, then the water comes in to static water table. Until that please dont't try to repair the borewell, it woulnd't give the desired results. 

4. Dry fractures can occur when someone drills a bore closeby

Yes its true. Dry fractures happens even when somebody drills borewell closer to your borewell. It takes time to fill the fracture lines and the water flow table becomes stable. So bear with it for some time.

5. Borewell water level greatly decreased - Please help

I am from Bangalore. Recently we have drilled bore upto 600 ft, water source is 1.5 inch, after the drilling, the next day we measured the depth for installing motor, the rope tied with stone stopped at 200 ft from ground level. Water source is available at 180ft from ground level.

Yesterday we did scanning of borewell & found mud fallen from top & closed at 200ft. Please advice. What is the solution to fix the problem?


6. Water found at 270 ft 3.5" driller stopped 280 ft-Can it be true

We struck water at 270 feet, we got about 3.5" water but driller stopped at 280 feet quoting difficulty in drilling because of water force. Can that be true?

7. It is possible that the driller has encountered a problem

Dear klpk,

It is possible that the driller has encountered a zone where drilling further is not possible. Reasons for this could be fine sand, boulders, or air-loss.

But then it is all site specific, many a times the drillers try not to drill further as they are scared that the water struck may stop or they sometime don't want to drill under these adverse conditions and reduce their profit margin.


8. Low water level in borewell, is it advisable to install a pump?

I have visited this forum many times  and find a lot of helpful information. Last week we dug a borewell at my farm. Its 6.5'' in width and 510 ft deep. At 310 ft we found  mixture of moist powder and sand, then at 420 ft it was all black powder. Our observation was from 410 ft to 430 ft, drilling took very less time. Then up to 510 ft all hard rock was found but every time after changing drilling pipe, borewell was exhausting moist mixture. Borewell operator told its 0.5" water. After 2 days we examine water level at 430 ft from surface and after 5 days it was still at 430 ft. There is no increase of water level.

So can I get water from this borewell, we are having very less rainfall for last 2 years ? So, we are having shortage of drinking water. Is it advisable to install pump set on it ? Please advise.

9. Borewell 350 feet deep, not able to pump water after 10 mins


I have drilled a borewell and we found water after reaching 310 ft, we continued drilling upto 350ft and stopped as were told that the water flow is good and not increasing much. I installed a submersible pump with sufficient capacity.

Now the water in the borewell is very less, I can pump water maximim for 10 minutes only and after that there is no water. I have constructed a house depending on this borewell.

We already have a dug well but water is not is available during summer. Surprisingly the dug well in my neighbours house has plenty of water.

Should I increase the depth of borewell again to get water and is it possible to increase the depth.


10. How to find out the reason for decreased yeild of borewell?


We drilled a borewell drilled in 2009 to about 380 feet which was giving 2" yield of water in Bangalore. During the drilling we saw only the black granite powder as per the information given by the driller the rock is slitted here and there.

We were getting the same yield till another bore was drilled 70 meters away from our bore in 2012. Before that we had introduced the motor up to 250 feet after the reduction of yield I increased the PVC pipe lenth to 350 feet even then we are not getting the same yield. The out put of water daily is 9 minutes for 2 times, I am planning to install rainwarter harvest filter and directing the rain water to sump and borewell. I want know what can be done to increase the yield, how to see the what is causing this problem.


11. Doing bore scan will give you some clarity on low water yield

Hi Vijayaraju,

There are many reasons for reduce in water yield, like summer, more borewells drilled around your area. You could do a borewell scanning before going for re-drilling.

Please contact A2z borewell solutions at - +91-9019940085 or +91-9538813331 for more details.

Madhukar Gowda

12. Details for borewell yield in Bangalore


New borewell was dug for 1060 Ft in Bangalore & we want to know the depth at which the water is available. Is there any service provider for this. 

13. Contact for details on measuring borewell yield


Borewell scanning will provide answers to all your queries. If interested you can contact us at A2z borewell solutions - 9019940085 or 9538813331. 

14. Directory of contact details for borewell information

Dear Mahesh,

Thanks for putting in your query to India Water Portal.

We have compiled a directory comprising of contact details of individuals and organisations who would know more about borewells in your particular area. The same may be referred though this link

Hope the information is of a help to you.


Sabita Kaushal

India Water Portal Team

15. Need suggestions for drilling borewell


We have tried to dig a borewell around 100 meter away from the house. After drilling 60 feet, only air was coming out and no soil. We were told thqt if drilling is not stopped it could damage our house and hence we stopped drilling. 

I need suggestions as to what can be the next step in such a situation

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