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1/2" water in borewell at 150ft: What is water availability per day from this quantity

Dear Sir,

I am from Bhubaneshwar. We dug a bore well (Depth-270ft). We got a hint of water at 120ft and at 150ft we got about 1/2" water and even lesser water at 180 ft. But after that there is no sign of water. I asked the engineer to do a test and he said not much water is available at the site. He asked us to manage with that much water. I want know how much water we can get per day with 1/2" at 150 ft. We are 7 people staying at home and would like to know if that amout will be sufficient. 



1. 1/2" water means how much water per day?

One day is counted as 24 hours and 1/2" water is equal to about 10 to 15 litres per minute.
10 to 15 litres per minute is 600 to 900 liters per hour, and 14400 liters to 21600 liters per day in 24 hours.

But there should be continuous flow or storage of water inside the bore hole.

Mr. R. B. Sudani [PGDEE]                                                                   

Director, Bhoojalshree Geotech Consultant
E-mail :

2. 1/2" water means how much water per day?

Dear Suraj,

1/2 inch on V-notch which is equal to only 95 liters per hour that too when measured on a 90 degree V notch. It is definitely not 10-15 liters per minute ( 600-900 liters per hour) as claimed by Mr R.B.Sudani.

You can confirm this by checking this site -

Normally, 1/2 inch struck while drilling is not measurable accurately due to the low quantity, however, we had an opportunity of checking exactly how much water could be obtained where the drill time yield recorded was only 1/2 inch.

On installing a submersible pump we got 150 liters per hour, then on calculating the available storage in the borewell we could get about 3500 liters per day.

To maximum benefit from this borewell you should install an automated control panel which starts and stops automatically depending on the high and low water level in the borewell.

In my opinion 3500 liters per day is quite adequate for 7 people + will leave some for some small kitchen garden patch.

3. Is there any organization to help identify bore point in Odisha

I dug a borewell of about 300ft at Khordha, Odisha. At 100 ft I got 1/2 inch water, but there after I did not get any water.

My question is:

  • How can I know how much I have to do dig to get water?
  • Is there any department in Bhubaneswar to find out borewell point? 
  • How can I know the ground water level in my plot?

4. Bore 340 ft, 1/2 inch water, what capacity of pump to install?


Please confirm the water capacity of 5"x 340 feet borewell?

We were informed that there is 1/2 inch water level in borewell and could an install submersible pump of 1 or 1.5HP?

Would like to know how we can we pullout the water - through continous or time gap way. The bore was dug in December and would like to know if the water is for the summer months of May and June.

How much water we can pullout per day and would it be sufficient for 10 people usage per day?

P D Jain

5. Found rock and no water while drilling - Should I dig further?


The borewell is 325 ft deep and 4" diameter and during the drilling process we encountered dark coloured powder along with rock powder.

After drilling 14 ft there was rock upto the bottom and no water came out. The drilling team was not ready to drill further and finally the task was abandoned.  Even after two years the borewell is kept closed and retained.

Could you let me know if there will any water available and if further drilling can help me.

If I get water, what type of pump has to be used.

Regards Cherian MC

6. How much water can I get from a borewell 460 ft, 1/2 "yeild?


I dug a borewell at my plot. The drilling was done until 460 feet. I was told that there is a dry gap at 390 feet because of which they could not drill anymore. We put a camera inside the borewell and found that there water available between 392-460 feet. I do not know how much inch the water source is. But I could see drops of water falling in the video. Maybe it is around 1/2 inch. I wanted to know how many litres can I expect per day? Should I go ahead and install a motor to pump the water?

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