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How to remove yellow color & salty taste from bore well water?

I am living in Ramapuram, Chennai. In my house the bore water is yellow colored, salty & it contains 2500 TDS. The depth of the bore is 150 ft & we have put the suction valve at 140ft.  Neighbors are getting good water & they have dug only 80-90 ft of bore.

The detail of water present in our area is:

  •   20-60 ft contains yellow colored water
  •   65-100 ft contains rock – it gives colorless good water
  •   110-150 ft contains salt water

We have installed Iron remover (MnO2 used as medium) and softener. Still the output water is yellow colored & the harness is reduced.
Can you suggest ways to remove the yellow color from the bore well water?
Is there any possibility of getting good water if I reduce the suction height (80-100ft) or still I will get the same salty taste & yellow colored water?



1. How to remove yellow colour-raise suction pipe level

From the data given by you, I would say that you should get good water like the others in the neighbourhood if you raise the suction pipe to that level. I have had two positive experiences of improvements  by doing this:one in Balajinagar in Royapettah, an area prone to water with iron salts and another in West Mambalam. If others are getting good yields of water from that level, you too should get good yield. Let me know your experience.

My ph no is: 2834 3506;

Indukanth Ragade

2. How to remove salty taste from borewell water?

How to remove salty test from borewell water? Borewell depth is 100 ft. and the machine level is at 60 ft. We stay at Diva East near Thane in Maharashtra.

3. Water from new borewell has oil taste

I have dug a new borewell with 375 feet depth . A submersible motor is used at 340 feet depth.
We had pumped water for one week for about an hour a day. Now the water is clear but it has light oil taste.
How did this happen & how can it be eliminated?

Please advice

4. Oil may have leaked or is stil leaking into the bore casing pipe

(Comment received from Mr. Indukanth Ragade over email)

Dear Mr. Giby George
In the event the oily stuff is petroleum, you will have made history by hitting oil at such low depths!!

You mention that the water has an oily taste. Does this mean that you cant see visually any oil but the water has a funny taste? If you keep a bucket of water pumped from your borewell in a bucket, do you see any floating oil layer? Is there a possibility that the connecting pipe may have had some oil (or whatever the non-aqueous stuff is) inside when it was installed and this is coming out?

For your problem, if at all it is really some oil which is coming along with the water, I can only visualise the possibility of some oil having leaked or leaking into the bore casing pipe. but two questions:

1. Has the borewell digger provided any slotted pipe (i.e.pipe with holes) to facilitate entry of ground water from the the upper non-rocky layers? If yes, this could be a factor although the source of the oil is still to be traced.

2. Is there any petrol pump nearby which services cars and/or motor bikes? I have come across a case where a petrol pump poured all their waste oil into a pit in their premises and this came into the borewell water in the adjoining property.

I had suggested that you raise the suction level of your borewell. This will however only eliminate pumping the salty water at the deeper layers being pumped up.  I missed the point about the yellow iron containing layer upto 60 ft. Your borewell digger must have put a slotted pipe on this stretch of iron-containing water, enabling that water to come up during pumping.

To prevent the inflow of this water while pumping, what you can try is to insert a smaller diameter plain pipe upto 60 ft into the existing wider dia casing pipe. This can reduce or eliminate the inflow of the iron containing water while pumping.

Indukanth Ragade(

5. Use potassium permagnate to get rid of the yellow colour

Take 4 g of KPMNO4 (potassium permagnate) and dissolve this chemicals in the well. The colour of the water will be changed into pink color. After 20 to30 minutes turn on the tap and the let the water run until the the colour of the water changes to its natural colour.

This process will take about 2-3 hours. Hope this helps.

Yasir Hussain

6. Put a casing pipe of smaller diameter into the borewell upto60ft

Dear Johnbio85

By mistake, the second part of my comment to your problem has come in my comment on the problem of Mr. Giby George who faces a problem of oily taste in his borewell water.

This suggestion is to see if you can put a casing pipe of smaller diameter into the borewell upto a depth of 60 ft so that the iron containing water upto this depth cannot enter the borewell and see if the water you get thereafter becomes iron free.

Sorry for the mix up.

Indukanth Ragade

7. Water from borewell has oily taste

Dear Mr Giby George,

Please ignore the last two paras of my reply to your problem as these paras actually refer to the problem of yellow water from the borewell faced by johnbio85.

Indukanth Ragade

8. Yellow water with saline taste in apartment, Chennai


I live in Anna nagar West. The apartment which I am living has about 500 flats with various blocks. My block has got 16 flats and the water we are using for house hold purpose is bore water. I am not sure about how deep it is, but the water we get is at times yellow in color and sometime it will be in a pale color, but all the time we have saline taste.

When I checked with the TDS part of it it shows 1800. I even enquired with many water purification providers to show me how the water is purified with their equipments, meaning a demo, but none of them are willing to show me a demo, but insist installing the equipment.

I wanted to know if you can suggest the best alternative to resolve this issue.


9. Orgainc power Oxywell helps remove odour/colour from bore water

Mr Naveen ,

Borewell water is often not of ideal quality , therefore you can have issues like color , and high TDS and hardness. I am a water solutions provider and I import some unique solutions for these kinds of problems.

I have an organic powder called OXYWELL , the powder needs about half a day to a day to interact with the water ( depending on the problems ). It will bring the hardness to an accpetable level, get rid of any color or smell as well as bring down the TDS.

What is more is that the dosage that needs to be put each time is very low, so its highly cost effective . All you need is a holding tank , and within a day you could get good quality of water.  There are other benifits as well which we can explain to you in detail as well.

If you are interested you could send me your details on my email id : , I could have somone come to you and show you a demo.

10. Send details of Oxywell powder

I tried to source OXYWELL powder but to no avail.

Can you please send me the details of how I can source this product ?

11. Most probably your borewell has iron salts-Filters are available

Dear Navin

Most probably your borewell has iron salts in it. Water, if drawn from it fresh, will be colourless and on keeping become pale white first, then yellow on keeping and then brown. If this water is stored further, there will be a brown layer at the bottom and the rest of the water will be clear. The problem is likely to be more acute is summer.

You mention that the water had 1800ppm. This is reasonably good drinking water if the microscopic iron content is removed.

What is the demo you are expecting and which the suppliers are refusing? Have they told you that the problem is one of iron salts? Do you have a full analysis of the water? If so, let me know the iron content and the date on which the analysis was done.

The conventional method of removal of these iron salts used to be to put it in a tank through a sprinkler (like the shower hear), let it rest for some hours, then filter through a sand filter and take it to the overhead tank (OHT). The sand filter has to be periodically washed with good water to wash out the iron salts trapped by the sand filter, Nowadays, an alternate method is available where it is just passed through some media to remove the iron salts. But here too the media have to be washed in the reverse direction to remove the trapped salts.

Indukanth Ragade (Ph: 044-2834 3506;

12. Add natural calcium to remove yellow color of bore water

To remove the yellow colour and iron content from bore well water, add 1 cup natural calcium (Sunnambu/chunnambu in Tamil) to 1 litre of bore well water and mix well. After half an hour, the calcium settles down and we will get clean water.

13. Borewater has yellow stain - need help

It will be very kind if you would let me know where do I get natural calcium,  I am from nepal and I have some problem that there is a yellow stain in bore water, the duct is 120 ft.  So please help me with this.


14. What is the chemical name of natural calcium?


Can u tell me what is the chemical name of natural calcium?

15. Iron removal from well water in Kerala - Birm filter?

I am from Kerala. We are also facing problems with iron in our well water. We are thinking to install a birm filter. Is it necessary to install a sand filter before or after the birm filter? Can the birm filter alone filter the precipitate or is any post filtration is required?

Looking for your response.


16. Contact us for knowing about Iron removal plant in Kerala

Dear sir,

Please contact us for knowing about Iron removal plant in Kerala.


91 9061649814

17. What is a brim filter? Filter media has to be washed backwards

Dear Mr. Zahid

What is the brim filter and what is it supposed to do? If any water source contains iron salts, it is invariably in the form of water soluble iron salts. When this water is pumped out and exposed to air, the oxygen in the air converts the dissolved salts into insoluble salts which separate out as a brownish sediment. The conventional method of removing these dissolved salts is to expose them to sprinkle the pumped out water into a tank whereby it gets mixed thoroughly with air and keep it in the tank for some hours so that the conversion to the insoluble form is complete. This water is then filtered through a pressure sand filter (which retains the insoluble salts) and then used.

In recent times, certain media have come into use which do the conversion immediately. The fresh water is just passed thro' them and used.

In both the cases, the media or the pressure filter has to be washed backwards with good water and the water drained so that then retained salts are washed out. The problem arises when the iron content is more than 0.3 parts per million parts. One long term solution to the iron problem is to drain your terrace water directly into the well so that the iron salts get diluted and are no more a problem. This will give relief during the monsoon months and also reduce the problems in the dry season progressively.

Indukanth Ragade (

18. What is best purification method for saline water-OMR, Chennai

I reside in Thoraipakkam, on the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), Chennai. My residence is about 1 1/2 kms east of the OMR. None of the residents here either have a borewell/well at home. A few tried them about 6 yrs back and due to the salinity, gave up using them and later by their experience, none other, including me, has risked. I've been here for the past 5 years and now, the tankers demands are going to unmanageable levels. I intend going in for a borewell and the prospective borewell digger told me that it is enough to go upto 30-35 ft - to tap the surface water, which will be, hopefully much less saline than a deeper trial.

Three years ago, I tested my neighbour's well water (which is 15 ft and remains unused for reasons best known to him) and the results, the important of some are as below, are said to be alarming against the normal standards:

TDS mg/l - 5922(500-STD)
Conductivity @ 25C
Micro MHO/cm - 9900(1000)
Total hardness mg/L as Caco3 - 1350(300) ;
Calcium hardness mg/l as Caco3 - 1224(75)
Total iron mg/l as Fe - 0.09(0.3)
Chloride mg/l as Cl - 2520(250).

Now I would like to know whether in the past 3 yrs, there would have been any improvement in the water quality? And whether, depending on the proposed bore well water, I can plan for an affordable domestic water treatment plant ?

Please advise.

19. High iron content in water at Urapakkam Chennai - Remedies?

Hello Sir,

I own an apartment at Urapakkam, Chennai. The water is so salty and the color is very much yellow. But I have seen that nearby flats are having relatively good water. What are the options we have to get a better/clear water? Please provide the products or other options.


Ram, Chennai

20. Need more details

(Comment received over email from Indukanth Ragade)

Dear Mr.Ram,

To give you any meaningful advice, one needs more details:
1. What is the source of the water in your premises? Shallow well or bore well? What is its depth?
2. What is the source of water in some of the neighbouring flats where the water is good? Also please mention their depths.

Indukanth Ragade (

21. Well 22 ft, TDS 6400 -Water too salty, after 10 ft its hard clay


I too stay in Urapakkam AVM Nagar. In our Aparment, the shallow well water is too salty. Well depth: 22 feet and TDS level : 6400.

We have done the rainwater harvesting. Within 80 ft from my apartment they are getting good water with 20 - 22 well depth.

In our area, all the house & aparments are having mostly well and not borewell, after 10 feet the soil level is very hard clay.

Pradeep G

22. Contact me for organic powder for well water remediation


I have just started importing a product for well water remediation . It is a organic powder especially designed to cap heavy metals , give clarity to water and many other benifits that I can tell you about if you get in touch with me through email. Although I currently don't sell it to individuals , we can see what we can do for you.

23. Water with iron > 6 ppm - Need suggestions


The source of water is from borewell that is 110ft deep. When tested, it has 6 ppm of iron. There are 8 apartments and we are looking for a water purifier plant to be implemented. Could you suggest some good purifiers and the quotation for implementation?


24. Borewell water needs purificaiton

I am living in appartment consisting of 5 flats inVadapalani . Our borewell depth is 80feet. Water is yellow in colour and iron content is more.

Friends, I will be happy to receive your suggestion for a good water purifyer treatment system.

25. Borewell water needs purification-Meenakshi-Please contact me

Dear Meenakshi, please contact me as I would need more details to see if I can help you. Iron salts are present in many localities in Vadapalani, Valsarawakkam and Virumbakkam. I am in Chennai only.

Indukanth Ragade(Ph: 2834 3506)

26. I live in Noida and taste of the water is salty

I live in Noida and taste of the water is salty not good to drink it can you suggest some good purifier?

27. Bore water turns yellow with oil layer formed- how to clean it?


I am from Chennai, Korattur. I have a borewell of the depth of about 90 feet. When I draw the water it is crystal clear, after some time slowely it changes into yetllow with oil layer formed. After one or 2 hours you can see yellow sediment at the bottom. It tastes bitter, not at all potable.

Could anyone suggest best way to clean this water and use for bathroom and gardening. Thanks, Ramesh

28. Please share the report on construction of your borewell

Dear Ramesh,

Please let me know whether you have any report on the construction of your borewell, where there will be details of the types of soil encountered at various levels.

Are there any shallow dug wells in the vicinity and do they yield good water? You can contact me at 044-28343506 after 3rdJanc as I am presently out of town?

Indukanth Ragade

29. Need methods to remove high COD value- waste water from brewery

I have waste water from a brewery industry having high COD values. I have tried using so many chemicals and methods but none of it gives the desired results to lower the values.

Please suggest some suitable method to lower the COD values.

30. Contact us for info on water treatment plants & chemicals


For any types of water treatment plants and chemicals, please contact us with your water analyzing report.

V Care Water Systems

31. Borewell 120 feet, getting yellow colour water in Hyderabad, AP


Borewell depth is 120 feet. The average depth of borewell in the surrounding area is between 80 and 120 feet with good water source, in Hyderabad. I got water at 85 feet and drilled up to 120 feet. I have put casing for the 120 feet in which upto 60 feet we have made holes in the casing.

Now I am getting yellow water, can you suggest how to solve this issue.

Mukesh Pathak

32. Borewell water salty - Need info of water quality labs in Trichy


While drilling a borewell, near Ayyampalayam in Trichy, we hit sand at 38 feet itself. The drillers could not go beyond 100 feet and the water found is very salty. The water in the neighbourhood shallow wells 30-35 feet deep is yellow in colour and salty.

Would like to know where can I get the water tested and how to get rid of the colour and saltiness to use it for drinking.

33. A plain casing pipe of smaller diameter upto 50 ft will help

Dear Dhivya,

I have a different approach to your problem: You say you hit water at 38 ft itself and still went beyond that to 100ft. You also say wells at 30-35 ft yield only salty water.

Ask the person who drilled your borewell this question and also ask him whether he has put slotted piping which stretches in the casing pipe (ie pipes with holes in them through which water from the sides will come in). If he has put a slotted pipe in the region of 30-50, you will be drawing this salty water.

Ask him also whether the water at depths lower than 50 also yielded salty water or good water. If it had yielded good water, you can put a plain casing pipe of diameter smaller than the existing one upto 50 ft and you may get good iron free water as the plain pipe will substantially reduce the salt water drawal. I have had success in some cases with this method.


34. Need info on geophysicists and hydrogeologists in Chennai


We are looking contact details of hydrogeologists and geophysicists who can identify water sources to dig borewell in south Chennai ( Tambaram,Chitlapakkam and adjoining areas )

35. Am hydrogeologist based in Chennai, contact me for details


I am a hydrogeologist based in Chennai. Iam involved in studies related to groundwater assessment, development and management. You can contact me at -+91-72999 83696.


36. Contact us for all water related issues in Kerala

We have a permanent solution for all type of water related problems. Our services are available all over Kerala, feel free to call us for any inquiries or clarifications at -+91-9061649814.

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