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Use & Disuse - Effects on a Borewell? - Raigad, Maharashtra

I have bought a house in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. I want to drill a borewell in empty space around  my house. But before driling, I have one important question as follows. We normally visit this place once in three months. So if we are not using this water for quite some time will it be stop flowing? 

Is the yield affected by the use or disuse of the borewell? Does the continuous under usage of the well create any water quality related problems? 





1. Use & Disuse - Effects on a Borewell

Dear Madhura,

Normal when we drill a borewell and encounter water while drilling we assume it is a continous subsurface flow, in rare cases it is a pocket that we encounter.

As groundwater is usually flowing water  disuse of it would not adversely affect the yield. But if you install a pump then it is spossible that the pump may get clogged or jammed , especially so if the water has a higher TDS.

If your water requirement is not very high, you could instal a HandPump, limitation and drawbacks area

It requires human efforts to draw out water

Thequantity of water pumped out is not very high.

But if the usage is not very high, this woudl be a good option to think about.


Anil Lalwani


2. Occasional/periodic usage of water wells

If the well is deep enough into the un-confined (water table) aquifer, deeper than being affected by seasonal changes or drawdowns by nearby pumping wells, occasional use should not adversely affect your water well.

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