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Looking for English versions of Groundwater docs in Karnataka

I am wondering if there are downloadable English versions of the following documents:

1. Karnataka Groundwater (Regulation and Control of Development and Management) Bill 2011

2. Ground Water Resource Estimation Committee 1997 Methodology Report

3. Dynamic Groundwater Resources of Karnataka, March 2009

Thanks Experts!



2. More Information

Dear Fernandez,

Thanks for your comments!

I am interning at an NGO right now and we are in the process of looking at some borewell irrigation systems in Mysore District and maybe throughout the State of Karnataka so I am interested in gaining a better understanding of the different management policies and current condition of groundwater in the State. I visited the Mines and Geology Department in Mysore yesterday and they suggested these documents.

I am also interested in the methods employed to calculate crop water requirements in Karnataka. I was told there is a methodology doucment published but I was unable to find it. 

Thank you.



1. more information

English versions: 



A quick search on google turns up the first two documents. Please do note that more information regarding the same will help in the generation of suitable responses on the forum. 

Kindly provide more information regarding:

1. Need for requested information ? ( what has stimulated the query)
2. End use of the requested information? (study purpose, cost estimate for planning or implementation)
3. Affiliation (academic, commercial, individual)
4. Any more details that can be added (any level of detail that you think is relevant)  

Do post the reuqested details as reply comment.


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