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Developing Parameters for Water Recharge Well: Access & Use - Bangalore

A rainwater harvesting friend of ours in Bangalore posed us this question recently:

We have been constructing recharge wells successfully in different locations in Bangalore and elsewhere. Some of these well s are in a position to yield water ; there is sufficient water in the well and the quality also is good as seen from water testing. To operationalize this there are various decisions to make:

- size of the pump to be used for pumping

- duration of the pumping time and pumping schedule

- use of a automatic level controller to reduce manual intervention

In some pumping tests we are seeing that the time taken for the well to recuperate varies depending on depth of water and how much water is pumped out. This is also likely to vary by season.

We would find it useful to hear from people about their experiences in setting up a protocol for use of a well (particularly a recharge well) as a water source. In particular, are there a set of parameters that can be monitored and the results used to come up with the protocol?

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