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Suitable technology for purification of borewell water - Pune


We are an apartment of 80 flats in Pune. We use borewell water for non-drinking purposes. Our corporation has given a report that the borewell water is not potable, hence we do not use this water for drinking. For drinking purpose we use corporation supplied water. Individual flats have their own water filters for drinking water.

Borewell water is stored in the ground level tank and then it is pumped up to the overhead tank from where it is supplied to each flat. This water is only used in bathrooms. 

In this respect, I would like to ask about the various methods of filtering the water which is stored in ground tank. We need very basic filtering process, which should be easy to use, economical and safe. Daily requirement for the purified water would be around 45,000 litres and would be used for all purposes other than drinking. 

A water quality test was carried out and the results are as follows: 

Colour : Hazen

Total Dissolved Solids : 508 mg/l

Turbidity: <0.1 NTU

pH : 7.3

Total Alkalinity (as CaCo3) : 252 mg/l

Chlorides (as Cl) : 45.99 mg/l

Sulphates (as SO4) : 28.76 ml/l

Nitrates (as NO3) : 10.63 mg/l

Total Hardness (as CaCo3)) : 256 mg/l

Iron (as Fe) : 0.094 mg/l

Free Residual Chlorine: 0 mg/l

Total Coliforms : 29 CFU/ml

E. Coli (Qualitative) : Absent

Kindly consider the test report and our uses as mentioned and do recommend a suitable water purifying process. 

Thanks and regards,

Shishir V




1. Purification of your bore well water.

Dear Shishir,

I scrutinised the test results of your bore well water closely.It conforms to BIS-10500 which is the Indian Standard (Bureau of Indian Standards,i.e BIS) for water that is suitable for potable use.If anything, there is a very small,almost negligible figure for Total Coliform of 29cfu/ml. This water can be used for drinking with chlorination and filtration.I would really be curious to know what the test report of Corporation supplied water is.

One way to do this is to use a domestic water purifier like Pureit and similar storage water purifiers in the market(Tata Swachh is another suitable device).This could be done by each apartment installing one. UV based purifiers such as Aquaguard is another option for individual users.

One other option is to install a centralised pressure sand filter with a chlorinator at the ground level and pump the bore well water through the filter,store in the sump and pump to the over head tank whenever needed. I note that each flat has its own water filter,so, the first option (see above) is already available to you.

If you have any questions, please do ask.


Water Management Consultant



2. Need info to start packaged drinking water plant in Shimla


I want to to open a water bottling plant in Shimla, to convert the natural available water into pakaged drinking water. Can you please let me know the details of starting the project especially the kind of machinary I have to buy.


3. Suitable Technology for Purification Borewell Water

Dear Shishir V,

From the test report you have attached, I feel that your borewell has been contaminated with Sewerage water flowing/stagnating in the near vicinity.

This I say from the presence of :

Total Coliforms : 29 CFU/ml

Nitrates (as NO3) : 10.63 mg/l

Sulphates (as SO4) : 28.76 ml/l

 I dont know where you are located in pune, and hence I really cannot give you any sepcific  methodology to be able to ensure that this connection between the sewerage waters and groundwater is broken.

It is quite possible that the unconfined aquifer itself is polluted.

In this case all you can do is to try and hyper chlorinate the borewell it self. and try to have free chlorine in the water which will restrict the bacteria, which in turn would probably also improve the colour of the water.

Chlorination will have to be done on a regular basis,

The rest of the chemicals if you want them treated the process is a relatively costly one. using some Ion exchange or RO filters, but if you are not going to consume this water then this should sufice.



Anil Lalwani


4. Purification of your bore well water.

Dear Shishir,

A careful study of your bore well water test report shows that almost all parameters of the water are within the "Desirable" levels specified by BIS-10500 which is the standard for drinking water in India(It is almost identical to the WHO standards).If the corporation has given you a test report which says it is not potable and hence should not be used for drinking,does it say why it is not potable?

If you filter the water and chlorinate it before pumping to over head tanks, it is adequate.I assume many or most of your residents have some kind of water filtering and purification device at home , this is an additional safety from the potability point of view.Incidentally, water supplied by the corporation also needs this minimum treatment to  make it suitable/safe to drink.




5. Purification of bore well water.

Mr. Ranganathan,

Thanks for your reply,

The corporation has highlighted the 2 parameters "Total Dissolved Solids" and "Total Coliforms" which are out of normal range.

Your assumption is right, that most of people are using some kind of water filter in their flats. The borewell water is only being used for bathing purpose. In this respect, I would like to know more about some simple process like cholorination.

Is there anyone how can consult us in Pune?



6. Purification of your bore well water.

Dear Shishir,

Thanks for the clarifications.I can not agree with the corporation calling the Total Dissolved Solids" (TDS)  " out of range". The applicable standard as I have already informed you (BIS-10500) specifies the "desirable" level of TDS as 500 mg/l, but also states that the "acceptable" level in the abscence of a better source of water is a TDS level of 2000mg/l.Your water has a TDS of 508mg/l which is just 8.0 mg/l above the desirable level.This can be safely ignored.The total coliform level is higher than the level of "Zero" specified by BIS-10500.It is for this that I am suggesting a filtration and chlorination system for the bore well water.If you can send me your email ID and/or give me your contact number,I will give you contact numbers of a couple of companies I know who are in Water treatment and can supply you a fltration and chlorination system.

I am also curious to know if the bore well water has any colour if viewed in the light in a glass container/mineral water bottle.Also, does it have any unpleasant smell? Check and let me know.If the bore well water is given again for testing you should ask the lab to also test the sample to find out the level of BOD (Biodegradable Oxygen Demand) and COD (Chemical oxygen demand).If these two are present it is an indication of contamination by sewage.



93437 34229


7. Purification of bore well water

1.All the parameters cited are within permissible limits for potability except Total coliforms . TheTurbidity in Hazen units is not given. It should not exceed five.

2.The TDS is only marginally over the ideal limit of 500. Therefore it is excellent quality for drinking as far as the TDS is concernd. As there is no e-coli present, there is no sewage contamination. To eliminate the marginal coliform present, you can boil  it for five minutes , cool and drink it. Mr. Lalwani has missed the point that the coliforms present are not e-coli and therefore there is no sewage cotamination. Besides, sewage contamination generally imparts an unpleasant smell to water.

2. What is the reason for the complex wanting to filter the borewell water? If it is clear with no turbidity and has no suspended material, no filtration is needed for bathing or washing of clothes.

3. Are the parameters given the only ones that were analysed for or are there any more which have not been given to us?

Indukanth Ragade(

8. Acceptable coliforms in deepbore well

Dear Mr Ranganathan/Indukanth

What are the acceptable level of coliforms count(even in the absence of e coli) that can be taken for drawing of water for drinking purpose ?

9. Suitable technology for purification of borewell water -pune

Dear Anonymous

Microbiological Standards of the Bureau of Indian Standards

1. Throughout the year, 95% of the samples should not contain any coliform organisms in 100 ml of sample.

2. No sample should contain E.coli in any 100 ml sample.

3. No sample should contain more than 10 coliform organisms in 100 ml.

4. Coliform organisms should not be present in 100 ml of any two consecutive samples

Indukanth Ragade

10. Need suggestions for treating water in flats


A borewell from a small housing project was taken for water supply for the construction of flats near PMC limits on Sinhgad Road & the project has been completed from the available water from borewell.

Now, we have to use the same borewell water for drinking purpose. The sample was tested for potability in standard laboratory which indicated the following parameters exceeding the standards & suggested that we go for suitable water treatment plant. We have to use this water only for drinking purposes.

The water requirement is about 600 litres/day.

1) Total dissolved solids - 592 mg/l  (<500)

2) Alkalinity( CaCO3) - 152  mg/l  (<200)

3) Total Hardness -  288  mg/l   (<300)

4) Total Coliforms  - 84  CFU/ml  (<1)

5) E.coli (qualitative) - present (absent)

They have advised us to use suitable treatment plant in order to use the water for drinking.

Request you to suggest a suitable solution for this problem

V B Joshi

11. Borewell water purification needed for society in Mumbai

To dear all,

Our society has dug borewell for extra water requirements particularly in summer months. We are stationed in Dombivli-East, Mumbai. For more than one year, we are getting water on alternate days & now for one month that water supply is also not very regular. Hence the society has dug bore well & water we get from it is quite good when seen with the naked eye but has a little different taste than normal water. Hence in emergencies we are using this water for all our needs including drinking water & so far we have no problems. However taste of water is somewhat different from normal MIDC supplied water & society members are reluctant to use it. We have given this water for lab testing & result is awaited.

However I have few queries -

1] Whether bore well water treatment plants are available which will purify it in all respects & also taste of purified water will be as good as MIDC supplied water?

2] We have a water tank of 2,00,000.00 liters & the bore well water we get has good force & quantity. We can pump water from bore well with 1 to 1 & 1/2 inches diameter pipe with very good force for 3 to 4 hours continuously & after few hours we repeat the process with same result. Are water purifiers for such huge capacities available? What is the approximate cost?

I would like to know about it, so please inform. I will be grateful if anybody can guide me. I will post water testing report as soon as I get it.

Thanks & regards
Vinayak Bhonjal

12. Lets have the report in detail, then we can see what is necesary

Your assumption that the borewell water needs purification merely because it tastes different is wrong.

Let us have the report in detail and then we can see what is necessary. Does it have any colour? Does it turn yellow on storage? What is the taste that you find unsatisfactory?

Indukanth Ragade (

13. Need process for purification of borewell water(non-drinking)


We are an apartment of 65 flats in Goregaon,West Mumbai. We use borewell water for non-drinking purposes. Our corporation has given a report that the borewell water is not potable, hence we do not use this water for drinking. For drinking purpose we use corporation supplied water.

Individual flats have their own water filters for drinking water. Borewell water is stored in the ground level tank and then it is pumped up to the overhead tank from where it is supplied to each flat. This water is only used in bathrooms. 

In this respect, I would like to ask about the various methods of filtering the water which is stored in ground tank. We need very basic filtering process, which should be easy to use, economical and safe. Daily requirement for the purified water would be around 40-50,000 litres which would be utilised only for washing flushing and bathing and never for drinking. 


Jimmy Shah

14. Extremely bad bore water in Madipakkam, Chennai - Treatment?

Sir, I am from Chennai - Madipakkam. The bore well water in our locality is extremely salty which can be compared to sea water and sometimes even worse than that. When a water test was done by a whirlpool mechanic the fuse of the machine went 5 times and it took so long to find that out because when we tested our local panchayat water the fuse did not go off.

We are not able to use the water and is extremely bad. All the taps and bathroom tiles are spoilt. Please suggest how it can be treated. We are afraid that this might lead to skin diseases an other health complications.

15. Please share contacts


I am also experiencing the same in Medavakkam, Chennai. Did you get any response from any one ? Did you get a solution ? If so please provide me their contact numbers. So that we can also benifit from that. 

16. Suggest softening methods for hard water for house in Chennai

I got my borewell water tested at SGS.

  • Color: 10 Hazen
  • Odour: Unobjectionable
  • PH @ 25o C 6.80
  • Conductivity: 2983 mhos/cm
  • Turbitity as NTU: 7.2 TDS 1972 mg/l
  • Total Hardness as CACO3: 898 mg/l
  • Carbonate Hardness as CACO3: 521 mg/l
  • Non Carbonate Hardness as CaCO3: 377 mg/l
  • Phenolphtalein Alkalinity: Nil
  • Methyl Orange Alkalinity: 521 mg/l
  • Calcium as CA: 258 mg/l
  • Magnesium as Mg: 6 mg/l
  • Chloride as CL: 610 mg/l
  • Sulphate as SO4: 304 mg/l
  • Iron as Fe: 0.5 mg/l
  • Total Silica as SiO2: 44.05 mg/l

Please give me information on the appropriate softening system based on this analysis. My house is in Chromepet, Chennai.

With regards,


17. Recharge borewell with rainwater

Dear Mr. Seenu

Your carbonate content is one aspect, iron problem is also there. It would be worth charging your borewell with rainwater to reduce both. If there is scope for providing a shallow dug well, even better as it is very easy to charge a dug well with rainwater.


18. Magnetic product to stop all problems related to high TDS

Dear all

We have developed a very simple (simple but not easy, it is well designed magnetic orientation ) magnetic product to stop all problems related to high TDS of bore well water.

Technology : High TDS water gets ionisied by using magnetic energy and the salt particles gets converted into smaller particles, example : 40 micron to 4 micron. At the same it eliminates the sticking ability of salts particles so that it cannot stick and adhere to any surface, floors .

Limitation : Upto 1000 TDS our magnetic water conditioner works and above 1000 Our electronic water conditioner is required( 230 volt 10 watt power required). Also the treated remain in this condition upto 8 hours only hence it cannot be stored . It is physical water conditioner so the chemical properties remains as it is.

Advantages : No power required (upto 1000 TDS),
10 years warranty
Treated water reaches up to 70- 80 % of soft water for 8 hrs only.
No filter chemical, recurring cost

Girish Chandane
93222 86745

19. Regarding selection of water purifier for borewell water

Dear sir,
My borwell water analysis report is given below, kindly suggest which purifier is suitable for my water.

1. Appearance : Clear
2. Smell : Nil
3. pH : 7.28
4. Electrical Conductivity : 1.20 mS/cm
5. Total Dissolved Solids : 680 ppm
6. Hardness as CaCO3 : 403 ppm
7. Calcium as Ca : 98 ppm
8. Magnesium : 38 ppm
9. Sodium : 71 ppm
10. Alkalinity as HCO3 : 295 ppm
11. Chlorides : 159 ppm
12. Sulfates : 68 ppm July

Kailas Mate

20. Electronic water conditioner

Electronic water conditioner will do the Job. Please note that, only TDS parameter is required. The treated water will remain as it is for 8 hrs, so install in downline on top of the tank.

This technology is very simple if you give me your mobile no. then I can sms you highly satisfied users of this technology product.

Girish 93222 86745

21. Borewell water can be used for drinking and other purposes?


I stay in Ahmednagar (120 KM from Pune). I have a borewell currently in use for non-drinking purposes. I wanted to soften the salt and chlorine content and if possible water can be used for drinking purpose.

Please suggest the available products and the cost.

- Santosh

22. Borewell report enclosed - Please suggest remedies


We are constructing a independent house in Bangalore.We don't get Cauvery water. We have tested bore well water. I am enclosing the report. Our land's foundation is three fourth filled with stone.

1.Turbidity-0.4 value-5.98 hard ness-200 mg/l
4.chloride as cl-30 mg/l
5.dissolved solids-230 mg/l
6.calcium as ca-28 mg/l -
7.magnesium as mg 29.85 mg/l
9.iron as fe -0.3 mg/l
10.nitrate-o mg/l
11.floride-1 mg/l
12.alkalinity-50 mg/l

Ph of the tested water sample is low when compared to the requirements of IS ;10500:1991 for drinking water purification.
Please suggest some remedies to make it potable.

Thanking you,


23. Charge your borewell with rainwater - Contact me for details

Dear Latha Purushotham Shistla,

Your borewell water is very good. Though the fluoride content is below the permissible limit of 1.5ppm, it is better to dilute this as one is not sure whether it will remain at this level. I would suggest charging the borewell with rain water. If you are interested in doing it, you may contact me at

Indukanth Ragade

24. Water test report attached - Suggest remedy for house in Kerala


I am living at Edapally in Ernakulam. I am using water supplied by Kerala Water Authority for drinking and cooking. For other domestic purpose, water from open well at courtyard is used, pumping into a 1000 litre overhead tank. Recently when water was tested, the following was found:

  • PH- 6.5
  • Electrical conductivity-263.6
  • Alkalinity-110
  • Chlorides-38.0
  • Nitrates- 1.3
  • Sulphates- 10.0
  • Total solids-168.7
  • Total hardness- 102.0
  • Iron- 0.4
  • No. of colonies of agar in 24 hours (per cc)-og
  • No. of colonies of agar in 48 hours (per cc)-og
  • Presence of lactose- fermenting organisms in 24 hours-+0.1
  • Presence of lactose- fermenting organisms in 48 hours-+0.1
  • MPN-2400
  • E coli present.

Please advise remedy (if chlorination is advised, please inform the volume and frequency also)


25. Hard tasting water in Pune Camp - Is the water safe to drink?

Dear Sirs,

I have just shifted to Bhawani Peth, Near Babajaan Chowk which is pretty much in Pune camp. The water we receive in our kitchen tap has a distinct 'hard water' taste, but not very strong. My flatmate and I have also noticed a white sediment in vessels after we boil water.

I'm not sure how strong the mineral content is, but in case you gentlemen are familiar with the area can you tell me whether its safe to drink or should we buy water from out?

26. Borewell water causing discolouration of skin, pH is 5.8, Trichy

Dear Sir,

Using water from the borewell which was a plaintain field earlier, for domestic purpose since the past seven months in Trichy. The pH value is 5.80 and the water does not have any salty tast or odour.

We have started noticing excessive hair fall and the skin is changing colur to blackish/purple. Would like to know if there is any problem with this water?

Can we sort out this issue with any easier methods or do I need to install any aparatus to sort out this issue? Your suggestion will be very helpful.

Thank you
Gopaldoss R

27. How to soften hard water to use for domestic purpose


The water from my borewell is hard water, currently I am using it for non-drinking purposes. I wanted to soften this water for household and to use it for washing clothes.

Please suggest the available products or technology available to soften hard water and the cost of it.

28. Where to get borewell water tested in Pune, Maharastra?

Where can we get the water from the borewell tested to check if it is potable or not in Pune, Maharashtra? What will be the approximate cost of doin this test?

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