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Digging an Open Well: Contact Information of Hydrogeologist - Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh

I own 7 acres of agricultural land in a village in Kodad Mandal, Nalgonda District, in Andhra Pradesh. The field are irrigated with water from a small stream (panta kaluva), and supplemented with borewell. But it hasn't always been easy to ensure water flow from upstream, and there were times when patches of paddy field went dry.   

I'm considering digging an open well. Our land is a mix of surface rock and soil. I'm not sure about the success of the project as we may hit rock formation few feet below. Otherwise, there is a good probability of hitting water at 20-30ft depth.    

I understand that the proper application of technology will help predict a good yielding spot for digging this open well. I would like to know if the methods in use would be able to predict the presence of the rock belt and how deep it runs. 

Also your comments and contact information on experts in the area are welcomed.  

Thank you for your advice.







1. Dear Mr. Giri, You may

Dear Mr. Giri,

You may contact the agencies like Central Ground Water Board, State Ground Water Departments and Hydrogeologists working in the area.

In Ahmednagar, Action for Food Production (AFPRO) conducts such kind of technical studies. You may contact them for help at the following address:

Mr Purushotam Goud
Unit Manager
AFPRO Field Unit VI, Hyderabad
Nandanvan Colony
Street No.4
Hyderabad-500 007 Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 91-40-27150413/27170421
Fax: 91-40- 27176021


With best regards,
Anita (Bhatt) Doval
India Water Portal

2. How to ensure good water source under soil before digging a well

Dear Sir,
Please inform the methodology for identification of exact point for good amount of water source below soil. I want to dig a well in my field.



3. Will govt fund an NGO to start mineral water plant

We have a NGO and we want to start a mineral water plant for the economically weaker section.

Would like to know if there will be any funding for this from the government.

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