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Submersible Motor - Depth of Installation : Whitefield, Bangalore

I had drilled a borewell in Whitefield bangalore, Kundalahalli area around 3 years back of 6 and 1/2" diameter to 740 feet. We are trying to use it now, which has not been used for last 2 years as we had sufficient water in the past and now we are facing some shortage. We had a camera insertion done and found water and fractures at various levels.

Our borewell is 700 ft deep. I would like to understand how deep we should keep the motor, should it be just above the bottom of bore or much above ? A metal casing has been installed but I am not sure about the depth.

How do we decide how deep a motor should be kept ? Is there any relation to the stages in a motor, and in our case what would be the most ideal one.




1. Does yield varies with depth ?

I have another question for the same borewell.

We have inserted the motor to 400 ft depth and able to draw water for 30 min every 3 hours.

Will it become any better if we insert motor deeper.

I want to understand does the yield varies with depth or is it same at all depths.


Thanks in advance


2. Submersible Motor - Depth of Installation

Dear Sir,

As you have mentioned that the borewell was 740ft when you drilled and today you have 40 ft less. So it is OK to accept that there may be no more silting

Hence you can install the pump at the most to 660ft.

Naturally as you have not given any information as to the depth at which water was struck and the yield nor have you given any information as to the height this water have to be lifted above the groundlevel.

Under these circumstances we would suggest the pump which would pump water from max 660ft and asume that you will be putting this water in to an Underground tank.

Stages means impellers for every stage for a 100 mm diameter pump one gets near about 5.5 meters working head.  Naturally this depends also upon the minimum and maximum discharge of the pump.

In your case you have to pump water up to a maximum working head of which is nearly 200 m head, this would require a 36  stage pump

the pumps that come closest to your requirements are

Suguna Pumps model of SRF 12/40 is a 3 hp pump and has a worknin head of 217 meters ( slightly more that what you need)

or there is a SRF12/35 this is a 2 hp pump - works up to 190meters,( slight less than what you require)

 I would advice to go for any of these two pump.  With the limited data this is the best that can be suggested.

With Kind regards

Dr.Anil Lalwani

3. To calculate the exact depth

To calculate the exact depth of pump to be installed, the following informations are required:
1. Discharge- drawdown data for atleast 3 steps.
2. Static water level
3. Long term trend of Water level
6. Seasonal fluctuations
4. Daily Water Reuirement
5. Ancipated pumping hour
6. Well design details

4. Dear Mr. Khandel,The

Dear Mr. Khandel,

The borehole camera indicates the length of the casing pipe.

What was the water yield reported by the driller? What was the water level reported by the driller? Best thing is to contact a pump dealer for conducting well performance test. The dealer installs a 10hp submersible pump starts pumping while measuring the discharge with a drum of known volume and stop watch and measures water levels with time of pumping under the supervision of a Hydrogeologist to be hired from AFPRO / State Ground Water department or Mines and Geology. The Hydrogeologist conducts step-drawdown test.

The well owner has to woo the dealer into such a test saying that he/she would buy the submersible pump set from the dealer subject to Hydrogeologist's recommendation. Payment towards Well performance test should be made to the dealer independent of the nature of Hydrogeologist's recommendation. AFPRO may be able to suggest whom to approach for testing. CGWB, Bengaluru has the equipment and expertise to conduct the test as part of their field investigations/research.

With best wishes and regards,

C. Udaya Shankar 


5. 700ft borewell with static water at 70 feet


I have drilled a borewell for the same depth 700ft near Chandapura(Electronic City) 1.5 months ago and now static water is at 70ft.

Drill report:

Yieldsource:480 feet,640 feet,680 feet; Total yield:1.5 inch; Total depth:700 feet; Casing:up to100ft

I need to use the water now for construction of my house (G+1) Since there is no other water source I am completely depending on this for all the daily use and ours is a 6 member family. In future the building may go up 1 more floor.

So what type of pump should I go for and at what height I should place the pump. Please advice. I went to few pump dealers and everyone is quoting diff hp motors & hdpe pipe size.




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