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Borewell to RWH System Connection - Annual Maintenance?

I recently read in a local newspaper that before the onset of the monsoon it is advisable that a kilogram of bleaching powder is added to the borewell which is used for Rain Water Harvesting purposes. The role of tbe bleaching powder is to act as "a cleaning and de-wroming agent". 

Is this recommended by the experts on this forum? Is there a set of rules or a fixed routine for performing maintenance for a borewell. 







1. Borewell to RWH System Connection -Maintenance

Dear Mr N.K. GUPTA,

If you are using the said borewell for both recharging and abstraction, then it is advisable that you treat the borewell regularly,  but one Kilogram is a big amount, I would recommend only 200mg maximum it also depends upon wether you are allowing surface water to enter the the well or is it only rooftop water.

 Bleaching powder or  chloring powder is used as a disinfectant, and you should not put it in powder from, but it should be mixed in a bucket of watr and this liquid should be poured in.

Ideally this should be done everytime it rains.

with Kind regards

Anil Lalwani


2. Dear Mr. Gupta,It is in good

Dear Mr. Gupta,

It is in good order to use bleaching powder in addition to the 3- layered filters/ i.e stones, pebbles, sand. Some persons use also charcoal in the filter- media...
All these help in filtering/ purifying the rain- water as received through rain….which passes thro, the atmosphere, land, greens etc...
Then the rain water is received, contained and filtered and let into the filters and then taken for use from storage tanks or can be taken for recharging using bore- wells..
Trust this clarifies your query..

With well wishes,

Er. Ajit Seshadri
The Vigyan Vijay Foundation,
New Delhi

3. Dear User,If the Rainwater

Dear User,

If the Rainwater harvesting is properly installed (i.e with siltation chamber or silt settling chamber and filter unit) then the role of the bleaching powder is not required. Still this bleaching or chlorination it should not be put directly to well. It should be placed in the filter unit….....when new water passes through it will get bacteria free and get recharged/harvested in the bore/dug well.

With regards

Dr. S.Subramanian
Central Ground Water Board
New Delhi

4. Borewell to RWH system - maintenance

You are diverting the terrace rainwater into the casing pipe of the borewell in your own house. You are also filtering the water via filter media. If you ensure that the terrace is swept clean before the onset of rains and divert the first good rain into the drain before it goes into the filter, there is nothing else to be done for maintenance. Only if the water is potable and you want to consume it, you  need to boil it, cool it and drink it.

The question of adding bleaching powder or any other type of chlorination arises only if the water comes from an unknown source. In your case. it is excellent rainwater, free from organics and of potable quality. In case you have any tree  branches protruding over the terrace, you can prune them so that the leaves do not fall on the terrace, pass through the filter and clog it. I have passed terrace rainwater directly from the terrace into shallow dug wells without any filtration and nothing has happened over 15 years. As you are putting it into a bore well, the filtration through the media should be more than adequate, as long as you keep the filter in good filterable condition.

Indukanth Ragade

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