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Groundwater Contamination due to Bauxite Mining - Risks? Vizianagaram - Andhra Pradesh

I am from a voluntary organization - SAMPARKA- at Vizianagaram,Andhra Pradesh. There is some apprehension in the area that as a consequence of the proposed bauxite mining and refining operations would pollute the groundwater.

Concerns are mostly about the dissolved alumina and runoff from mine tailings and refinery waste that would result in the ground water carrying dissolve alumina. Is that correct ? Are the concerns valid? How can the local community address these issues.

Some of the Homeopathic literature refer to the deleterious effects of alumina.







1. Dear Member, Please go

Dear Member,

Please go through a very useful link on alumina in water below:-


Abhishek Mendiratta
Jupiter Knowledge Management and Innovative Concepts
New Delhi

2. Dear Member, More serious

Dear Member,

More serious issue is that the ore (Bauxite) contains fluoride as impurity, while wash off from mine tailing during mining and refining, this fluoride gets solubilised in water and often contaminates the surface and groundwater sources in the area.

Suneel Pandey, PhD
Fellow, Centre for Environmental Studies
The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
New Delhi

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