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Borewell Water Contamination : Solutions? Malleswaram

Ours is a 12 house apartment in Malleswaram. We were happily using the borewell water for the past 2 years without any problem. One day we noticed that the water colour had changed and there was a foul smell. We gave the water for testing and found that the water was infected with bacteria.

We discontinued the usage and tried to identify how / where the borewell water was getting contaminated. There was a sewage pit next to the borewell and we got it removed. Later we learnt that this contamination of borewell was not only our problem but in the locality everybody were facing the same which is evident from the link below:

We noticed that the sewage water is being redirected to drain water and assume this might be the reason for contamination.

As per the BWSSB person's instruction, we have been pumping out borewell water for 1 hour everyday and after two months, we got the water tested again in Kanija Bhavan, Race Course Road. But still the water is contaminated with bacteria. We were earlier using this for washing clothes, taking bath, flusing etc.

All the residents are worried that it may cause skin allergies and refusing to use the water. Is there any way by which the borewell water can be cleaned, rectified of this problem. Can we identify and prevent the borewell contamination ?

Can I get some contacts of consultants / geologists who can handle this kind of cases. Your reply in this regard will be highly appreciated.





1. water test reports


It would be helpful to the experts on the forum if the test reports could be added to your query. Doing so will help the experts understand it better and generate relevant responses. Kindly add the report to your query as an attachment.

A few related queries on the service can be accessed here:

2. Borewell water contamination solution - Malleswaram

Your problem of contamination by sewage can be solved only if the sewage coming from the road drain is prevented from coming there. This is BMWSSB's responsibility as sewage cannot be put into the storm water drain. Their suggestion of pumping for one hour periodically will make no difference. It is sheer waste of water.

Indukanth Ragade

3. Seepage of stagnant cattle waste contaminating water, need help

Borewell upto 450 ft and yield of the water is satisfactory. There is a cattle shed just adjacent to the compound, about 6-7 ft away from the borewell. The water is now getting contaminated from the cattle shed and emanates from it.

How do I arrest this seepage/contamination?

4. Raise the pipe to some extent above ground level

Dear Mr.Srinivas,

If the watery waste from the cattle shed is contaminating your borewell water, you have to locate the point at which it enters the casing pipe of your borewell and block it.

Is the top of your borewell casing pipe (with the suction pipe in it) open or closed tightly to prevent entry of water? Is this top at or below surrounding ground level? If the answer is yes to both question, the source of contamination becomes obvious and also the remedy for its elimination: Raise the pipe to some extent above ground level.

Indukanth Ragade

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