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Borewell Compressor Pump: Selection - Bangalore

I have constructed a borewell near the Electronic City in Bangalore. We got 1/2 inch water source at 260 feet, and 1/2 inch water source at 440 feet (This was a silt source). We still continued further till 825 feet and stopped there.

Now the borewell company suggested me to go for a borewell compressor since the yield of water is around 3/4 inch source. We have only single phase electricity supply. I contacted one of the motor dealers in Bangalore who suggested for 2 HP Double cylinder belt type compressor. He told that we could put the air and water pipe upto 650 feet depth.

My questions are

1) Can we put water pipe till 650 feet depth.

2) Can a 2 HP double cylinder belt compressor suck water till 650 feet depth in a single phase electricity supply.

Awaiting your reply.

Thanking you in advance.





1. Borewell Compressor Pump:

Dear Raj,

The answers to your questions are as below:

1) Can we put water pipe till 650 feet depth.

Ans: yes you can put the air and water pipe down to 650ft depth., the actual question is whether it is useful to do that?

2) Can a 2 HP double cylinder belt compressor suck water till 650 feet depth in a single phase electricity supply.

Ans: slight correction, an air compressor pump does not suck water, the compressed air is pushed in to the rising pipeline and due to the rising air bubles water is also brought to the surface. As far as my knowledge goes a 2 hp double cylinder pump is rated for use only for a 400ft check the url link given below

so once the water level goes below 400ft the discharge would definately be much lower and probably it would not really work.

Ideally if you have struck at your second  zone at 440 ft this definitely would rise up and the only problem is silt this would not be a problem if pump is installed above this level-My advice would be to go for a regular 1.25 or 1.5 hp submersible pump and lower it down only till 420ft. and use a sensor based level controler panel to start and stop the pump. In my opinion this would be more reliable and efficient system as compared to the borewell compressor pump

Now you have the facts, choice is yours to take

All the best,

Anil Lalwani

2. Borewell Compressor Pump: Selection - Bangalore

Dear Mr.Raj,

It is not wise to lower the strainer of a compressor pump beyond the level where you struck silt, ie. 440ft, though not exactly.

In my experience 2HP double cylinder compressor pump will lift water from approx. 500ft, efficiency will drop as depth increase;  can be used to 650 ft, but not economic.

Better you think of a submersible pump ( 2 HP / 3 HP single Phase,28-30 stages,  4" dia with fully automatic panel board). The panel board will protect the pump from under/over volt, tank overflow, dry run, and will start/stop automatically. You need not worry about pump or water.  This same system can be modified to suit a borewell compressor pump also. 

All the best






3. Sir, I have put a submerisble


I have put a submerisble pump as per your advise. what i wanted to know is that when we tested the water level in the pump water was available from 290 feet onwards . what my doubt is while installing the borewell we got an 1/2 inch water source at 260 feet. i expected water to be above that level. is the 1/2 an inch water source still available at 260 feet?


Sundar Raj

4. 2HP double cylinder belt compressor is suggested

2 HP double cylinder belt compressor is suggested. More powerful borewell compressors are available in market. You can check sucking power of each compressor from manufacturers' websites.

5. What kind of borewell compressor is ideal?

Dear Sir,

The depth of the borewell is 314 feet and there is good water source. The problem is that there is no electricity for pumping, and the water level in the well is at 50 to 60 feet. Please suggest the ideal borewell compressor and its approximate cost that I get in Bangalore.


6. Bore 320 ft, water yeild 1.5 inch -What kind of motor to install


Recently, we drilled a borewell at our Sadashivanagar residence in Banagalore. We got rock at 90Ft and water at 180Ft. The operator said we got one more source of water at 320 Ft. It was slightly more than 1.5" inch water flow. We stopped drilling at 360Ft. The water is clear and potable and there were no traces of silt.

The questions are:

  • Should we do a yeild test before going in for motor selection ?
  • If we go for compressor pump, at what level should it be put ?
  • If we go for submersible , at what level should it be put ?
  • What are the advantages of going in for compressor pump ? I am considering Grundfos for pumps.

Please suggest.


7. Borewell 272 ft, yeild 1.25 inches - Will submersible pump help

I have struck water at 272 ft. I have a 2 hp compressor pump powered by LPG engine. The source was said to be 1.25 inches by the borewell operator.

Will I benefit by using a submersible pump of the same power. I will have to run it with the help of a genset.

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