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Pump Efficiency for Pumping Station - Accurate?

Hi, I am Narendra Shah, a student. I am doing a project on the water supply scheme of Karjat town. I wanted to calculate the efficiency of pumping station of raw water and water treatment plant. I have given the details above. Please help me.


Pumping Station

Head= 42 m

Flow = 86 litres/s

Pumps = 80 HP (three pumps of 80 HP each)

Transformer: 200 kVA

I have read that Pump Efficiency  = Power water/Power input

                                                = (Head)*(Flow)*(9.81)/Power Input/Power factor


Please let me know if I am on the right path. If yes, please tell me how to calculate power factor.


Thank You

Narendra Shah



1. Pump Efficiency

Dear NArendra Shah,


Please check this website for easy understanding of what you are looking for

apart from this there are other sites too that you could check out for standard calculations regarding pumps and pumping stations. etc..


Anil Lalwani

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