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Sale of STP Treated Water : Legality?

Hello Everyone,

When we set up a Sewage Treatment Plant ,the treated water we get is mostly drained since mostly the requirement for recycled water is limited to horticulture,HVAC and flushing(provided the establishment has dual piping).My question is if I maintained all the parameters in STP Treated Water as per govt norms Is it legal to sell that water outside of that establishment to other organizations which require water for horticulture or for HVACs?

Is there any law against selling that water in India??

thanks & regards,

Tarun Joshi,



1. Legality of selling treated sewage

Dear Mr.Joshi,

You have posed an interesting question.To the best of my knowledge there is no law against selling treated sewage(treated water) if it meets the standards laid down by the KSPCB in Bangalore & Karnataka.If you are counting on selling treated water from an STP in your apartment complex, then, I believe you can have problems since, in my experience, most often treated water does not meet KSPCB standards.

I believe that it makes more sense to spend on installing dedicated tanks on the roofs and connecting this tank with piping dedicated to filling toilet flush tanks.This would not leave you with so much of water to be "disposed of".I find that in Bangalore the BWSSB has several modern STPs based on the latest technology which produce high quality treated water,but due to lack of buyers, BWSSB lets this treated water out into existing sewers or into storm water drains! Such a shamefull waste of water! If you had dual piping and dedicated storage tanks for treated sewage, you will need far less fresh water.





2. Nice article - Rest of the site is also good

Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you writing this article and the rest of the website is also really good.

3. Nothing stops you from

Nothing stops you from selling the water.  It is not even necessary to conform to any norms. Because norms are in the context of a stated use.  Since you are not suggesting any particular use, what norms ? If the water has a BOD= 20, and if you truthfully specify that it is water with a BOD =20 and do not recommend any particular use, you are neither guilty of any cheating, nor selling substandard goods. However, should you sell that water ? That it is a different question.

Chetan Pandit

4. Yes

Yes Sir that is what i am searching and looking for.i.e. Is it legal to sell treated water ? or can I sell treated water

5. Dear Member,It is not so.

Dear Member,

It is not so. HVAC has additional requirements of corrosion, silica etc. Horticulture will additionally need % Sodium control.

Dr. S. Sundaramoorthy
Technical Advisor (ex-Engineering Director of Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board)
Creative Environmental Consultants
Chennai, Madras
Sony Kuty

6. My question was different

Thankyou for your comments but my question was Is it legal to sell STP treated Water? and about the quality of water and its re use. I can assure you that i will use the best technology available and will meet all the required standards.

7. Selling of Treated Water which is coming from STP outlet.

Dear Mr. Joshi,


First of all, I would like to know that how much quantity of water is being disposed in drain or public sewer after using in Horticulture, HVAC & Flushing.

Second thing is that, why you want to sell it? Why not make provision for recharging the under ground water if possible at your end.

The most imp. thing is that, where do you dispose the sludge? Do you have any idea about the sludge production per day at your plant?

I request you to please provide me the above said detials if possible so that I could give my wise advice going forward.

Thanking you.


Cordial Regards,

Prateek Gupta

Environmental Engineer

Fontus Water Ltd.,Kolkata

8. Can I use water treated in STP for recharging ground water ?

Dear Sir,

We are installing STP (MBBR Technolgy) of 150 KLD capacity in our building. There is no sever line near my building. Our garden is too small. There is no provision for use this water for flushing purpose. Can I use this water for recharging the ground water ? Is it right ?

I think that this water will pollute our ground water.

Kindly please suggest.

9. Need help to discharge treated water


Our Socity generates 40,000 Ltrs of waste water and we have nowhere to discharge this. Let me know if there is any vendor that can help us.

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