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Motor Selection Query : Vellore, Tamilnadu

We just dug a new borewell last week and looking for suggestions for motor selections.  The borewell details:

Place; Tirupattur, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu

Diameter : 6.5 inches

Depth: 700 ft

Type: New

Water level : first water at 45 feet, and continued until 120 feet.  After that no water found until 700ft

PVC casing : upto 75 feet

Loose soil found at the start and hence another 10 inches pipe kept for first 16 feet (as the bore initially become like a well and bore could not be be dug further).

Yield: Driller said the water yield is appoximately 1.5 inches though he didnot study it with any specific techniques.

Planned overhead tank: at a height of 30 feet from ground.

Kindly advice on type of motor to be selected.






1. Motor Selection Query

Dear Arjun,

If the driller has claimed 1.5 inches he has done it based on his experience.

Secondly you to have mentioned that water was flowing from 45 right till the time drilling reached 120 ft. depth

and you have only 75 ft of casing.

From what you have described you have drilled nearly 600ft for no pratical benifit.

In this case you could install a 0.5hp submersible with 8 stages this would deliver water right uptil 180ft, hence you could safely lower the pump down to 150ft, should ensure that the pump never runs dry. which I really doubt, as the drilling record suggests 1.5 inches of water which is nearly 1500 liters per hour.

Dr. Anil Lalwani




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