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Are Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) legally mandated in Apartments in Bangalore?

I live in an apartment in Bangalore which apparently does not have an STP. Currently the sewage is being redirected to a lake nearby. While a few of us would like to rectify this and construct an STP, the general consensus is to build one only if required i.e if the law mandates it.

Can someone clarify on what the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Paike (BBMP) as well as Pollution Control Board norms say about this?

- Sanjeeth


32. Costing for 50 KLD STP


Such a plant would cost you around 15-17 Lakhs ex works. We are one of the enlisted solution providers with Central Pollution Control Board for bioremediation.

Please contact us at Amrit Clean Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd. , 9910170604 for further discussion 

31. Contact for details on STPs


Please contact us by sending a mail to or share your contact number. We will get back to you with more details


30. Information about STP vendors recognized by KSPCB


Please forward your contact details to me. I will suggest you a few names of  STP Vendors recognized by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB).

Manmath D 
Member - Awareness Committee
Karnataka State Pollution Control Board

29. Need help to install STP for 40 flats, for 45 K ltrs of sewage


I am looking to install a Sewage Treatment Plant for our community with 40 flats generating about 45K ltrs sewage. The STP should be a fully sealed and automated unit with minimum human intervention.

Would like to hear from already existing users who have installed such a plant.


28. Should the STP be installed below ground level?


The Sewage Treatement Plant (STP) in our apartment complex is installed at the ground level.

Should the STP be below the ground level or is the current just fine?


27. Is living near a STP detrimental to health?


Would like to know if living near a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) will have adverse effect on the health, as I am planning to buy a flat which has an STP behind the building in Navi Mumbai.

Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Agrawal

26. Details of industry for STP installation


Please let me know the type of industry you have. Based on that I will suggest you to go for Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) or Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP).


Manmath D
Member -Awareness Committee Karnataka State Pollution Control Board

25. What are the mandatory norms to install STP in industries?

What are the mandatory norms for any industry to install a Sewage Treatment Plant or is there provisions to be exempted from it.

Need details of it.

24. Can treated water be used for vegetable and fruit bearing plants

Dear Sir,

Request you provide suggestions to the follwoing query.

We have a STP plant in our family quarters campus. Generally we are using it only for trees, can we use this treated water for flowering plants and especially for leafy vegetable plant and fruit bearing plant. Will there be any health effect. Thank you very much.

With best regards

23. Nobody can find the flow direction of water in underground

Nobody can find the flow direction of water in underground. But preferable the both should be in opposite direction and air direction should be away from ur underground tank.

22. Minimum distance between S.T.P. and underground water tank


What is the ideal minimum distance between S.T.P and underground water tank, when the no of flats are more than 200 ?


C. L. Arora

21. Contact us for setting up of STP

Hello Alok Kumar,

We are from Iconic Envirotech, the leading manufacturer and turnkey supplier of mineral water Plant/ STP /ETP Plant/carbonated soft drink plant.

If you are interested in setting up such project, contact us at the below address.

+91 9977331005



Registered Office:


188, Centre Point Complex,  shope no 11 Jinsi Square I Bhopal I 462008 I Madhya Pradesh I India

20. Sewage Treatment by SBR/MBBR Technology

Flats has generation of less than 10,000 liters per day, you need not install STP as the design of STP requires a minimum of 20000 liters for ASP.

19. STP requirements for old apartment complexes

Ours is a big apartment complex with 5 blocks (around 700 apartments in total) in Bangalore. The project was completed around 2006 timeframe. Now the individual blocks are maintained by their respective associations. Is the STP rule applicable to older projects as well? The builder has provided an STP, but he has connected only 2 blocks because of capacity issues. Is the builder legally responsible for providing STP for all blocks since the project was completed a few years back? Was STP mandatory to get an NOC at that time (2006)?


18. Ms.Suma, what you have mentioned is partially right

Dear Ms.Suma,

What you have mentioned in your comment is partly right. According to (KSPCB) Karnataka State Pollution Control Board's new amendment passed in the year 2010 (this is also w.e.f the year 2010), it says as below,

1. Apartment or a non-commercial establishment has a built up area less than 10,000 sq.mts (not 5000 sq.mts/20,000 sq.mts) or not more than 50 flats need not to take CFE (consent for establishment) and CFO (consent for establishment), which is generally termed as NOC.
2. Since STP comes under the rules of CFE and CFO, the apartments/non-commercial buildings less than 10,000sq.mts or 50 flats, STP is not strictly mandatory.

Note: This information is according to my knowledge so far based on the ammendment copy recieved by me from the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board.

But, a sincere request from my side: if your apartment residents decide to go for STP, that will be very wise in the present water scenario and pollution levels in Bangalore.

For more authentic clarifications, you may contact Mr.Nanda Kumar - Senior Environmental Officer(KSPCB) - Enforcement - 9845381819 or you still can contact me also at

Manmath D
Member - Awareness Committee,
Karnataka State Pollution Control Board.

17. STP requirement for apartments - What are the rules?


I got know that only apartment with constructed area of 5000 sq.mtrs or more than 50 units requires STP, then why Mr.S.S.Ranganathan is mentioning here that 15 flats apartment needs STP? Also in Bangalore.citizen matters url something similar to the following is mentioned:

Your apartments needs an STP if..
* The apartment is in an area without underground drainage
* The built-up area is more than 5000 sq mts or the apartment has more than 50 units
* The apartment is an area with underground drainage
* The built-up area is more than 20,000 sq.m.
Source: KSPCB

So can anyone guide us correctly?

Thanks and regards

16. Divert water from washing/bathing to Canna/Banana plant bed

One way of mitigating the problem is to divert the water used for bathing and washing of clothes to a soil bed on which water loving plants like Canna, Sontaka (Sugandhi) or Banana are grown. The process operates on gravity in the garden and needs no power or chemicals.

You can recover about 60% of the total water used. Contact me with details of your septic tank, soak pits, if any, and total occupants in the complex.

Indukanth Ragade (

15. What are Karnataka bye laws on distance between house and STP

I have a house in a layout and next to my boundary there is an STP being constructed by another builder for his 500 flats that are newly coming up. Please let me know according to the Indian/ Karnataka state bye laws,

1. What is the minimum distance of the STP he should maintain from the house I am living?

2. What are the things I should ask, so that he can do it right now as it is in the construction phase only?

3. What are the health hazards for me?

Any other relevant advise is most welcome.


14. STP mandatory for more than 15 flats

Dear Sanjeeth

By now you have the information that STP is necessary for more than 15 flats. If it is not there and you take an initiative, it would be a very noble cause apart from being legal. If the population is averaged, it is possible to further suggest the STP capacity and a cost-effective technology to be followed.

You may contact me for further assistance at 9910170604.

Chandan Mohanty

13. Solution on STP

Dear Sanjeeth,

Did you take any action or not. Being a responsible person, you came up with a solution for a problem. 

Mr. Ranganathan & Prashanth provided you the law and solution. If still in doubt, you can contact me.


Sushil Singh

+91 9304677251

12. Is STP mandatory for more than 50 flats ?

Is it mandatory for more than 50 flats ?


Manmath D

Member - Awareness Committee Karnataka State Pollution Control Board

11. Which law mandates STP for more than 15 flats

Hello Mr. S.S.Ranganathan & Prashanth Jain,

Could you please point out the law/section or bye-law which mandates STP for more than 15 Flats in Bangalore.

It will be really useful in convincing builders to comply.

10. Water treatment plant for apartment complex

Dear Mr Prashanth,
With reference to your posing on the net - I request you to please send your contact details as we would like to install a water treatment plant and maintain our STP for our apartment complex.


9. Contact us to set up STP

Hello Sanjeeth,

We are from Iconic Envirotech, the leading manufacturer and turnkey supplier of mineral water Plant/ STP /ETP Plant/carbonated soft drink plant.

If you are interested in setting up such project, contact us at the below address.

+91 9977331005



Registered Office:


188, Centre Point Complex,  shope no 11 Jinsi Square I Bhopal I 462008 I Madhya Pradesh I India

8. Solution for your problem with sewage treatment plant

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as environmental professionals having a wide experience in the area of water and wastewater treatment. The details of our company, our experience, our services etc., are detailed below for your kind perusal.

Our Company

We are a company formed by experienced environmental professionals with over 25 years experience in design and execution of water and wastewater treatment facilities for various types of industries. We have associated with world leaders in the water space like M/s. GE Water, USA, M/s Environmental Dynamics Inc, USA, M/s Cheon Sei Ind. Co. Ltd., etc. to provide specific and appropriate process and equipment technologies to our various clients.

Our Experience -

Our experience includes process design, project execution (specifying, sourcing, inspection, installation and commissioning), regulatory approvals, trouble shooting, operation and maintenance of environmental projects. The expertise offered includes areas of water, wastewater, acoustic and solid waste management solutions. We bring with us the combined experience of having associated with over 500 both Indian and Multinational. Our experience covers a diverse range of sectors using a wide range of treatment technologies for clients. The technologies offered include advanced treatment technologies like Micro- Screening and Solids Contact Reactors for Primary Treatment; Sequential Batch Reactors (SBR), Moving Bed Bio-film Reactor (MBBR) and Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) for Secondary Treatment; Ultraviolet and Ozonation for Disinfection; Ultra-filtration and Reverse Osmosis for Tertiary Treatment and reuse of the wastewater; Bio-solids concentration, dewatering and disposal options.

Our Services

The services offered include all areas of Health, Safety and Environment. Our scope of services includes: 

  • Process Engineering & Design
  • Project & Construction Management
  • Process Troubleshooting
  • Supply Of Consumables
  • Equipment Supply / Sourcing Support
  • Turnkey System Installation
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Process Commissioning
  • Operator / Employee Training
  • Operation And Maintenance Support
  • Annual Maintenance Support
  • Regulatory (PCB) Compliance and Permits

Please visit our website for further information. We trust that we can be of use to your organization. In case you require our products / services or require any further information / clarification on the above, please do contact us. We look forward to an opportunity to be of service to you.

Thanking you, and assuring you of our best services at all times, we remain,

Very truly yours,

Amazon Envirotech Private Limited

P Jacob Chacko

Marketing Department

7. Mail id or contact number of Mr. Prashanth,

Dear Prashanth,

Can you please give me your mail ID or contact number? We are looking at implementing a STP and would like to discuss about the same with you.


6. Septic tank over flow

Dear Mr.Prashanth,

The flat which we live in Bangalore also has a similar problem, with the Septic Tanks over flowing. Here both the waste water & the sewage from the tolilets are being fed to the same tanks which is resulting the overflow. There are 18 flats in the apartment and it is controlled by the society.

Kindly suggest a suitable, low-cost and efficient method to come out with an eco-friendly permanent solution.


Pramodkumar - 09845907970

5. STP

Dear Sanjeeth,

Kindly let us know the apartment size, as said above, the terms are mandatory for all the apartments. If your apartments is having more than 15 flats, kindly let us know, as we provide complete STP, UV, RO systems as per customer needs. All products are with german Technology and Cost Effective with easy maintenance

Looking Forward,


Prashanth Jain

4. Sewage Treatment by SBR/MBBR Technology - Contact us

We are a leading water & waste water treatment project designer & executor. Please revert to below mail for any contact or requirement. We have 20 years experience in Bangalore in the same line.

Please call 8088299261

Manager Sales Oxytona Technologies I P Limited

3. STP - Health risks and issues

Dear Sir

As per the rules of our society the water from STP is to be used only in toilet flush and cleaning of cars and common area. However the contractor who was renovating our apartment (our building is a new building with over 150 apartments in 3 wings) has also put the STP water pipeline to the health faucet. Do we have any risk of any disease or the water from STP is safe to be used in health faucet.

Thanks for your advice in advance.

R Mehrotra,


2. The necessity of a sewage treatment plant(STP).

Dear Mr.Sanjeeth,

You have not mentioned how many apartments there are in your building.It is now mandatory to install an STP if your building has more than 15 flats/apartments.The treated water from such an STP must be used for flushing toilets.This treated water can also be used for gardening and washing of cars, yards/roads/paved areas in your property.If your builder told you that there is an STP in the building,why is the sewage going into a lake?This is in fact irresponsible behaviour and can get you into trouble with the BWSSB & KSPCB.

If you take steps to see if you have an STP and want someone with the knowledge to make an assessment on what is there and if it can be made to work,you would be behaving responsibly.In an increasingly water scarce scenario,it would be wise to install a good STP and recycle the treated water.It would also be necessary to install a rain water harvesting system as this can help to recharge the ground water table if you have bore wells.

If you want any help in these matters you are welcome to contact me.



Water Management Consultant

93437 34229


1. information


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