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Locating Water Source: Residential Purposes - Sringeri, Karnataka

Dear Sir,

We are located near Sringeri, Chickmagalore, karnataka and we are going to construct our new house. We need assistance to findout water source to dig a borewell or a traditional well. The next site is having a traditional well and the water is available at 65 feet in peak summer. I am interested to have a well with plenty of water. I heard that there are some methods to findout a correct location through satellite. My question is

1. How to findout a location?

2. After finding out the location which is the best digging method. Traditional or borewell?

3. Whom should we contact for this survey?

4. How much time required to findout the correct location.

I need your assistance in this regard as early as possible.



Cell: 94489-00647



1. Carry out resistivity teast

Carry out resistivity teast to locate source of water in the plot.

2. Locating water source - Residential purpose

Dear Kiran,

The solution for yourpoints is as follows:

1. How to findout a location?

A. Aks the Geophysicist of your district or State Groundwater Dept. to do the Geophsical Survey for the location with depth and thickness of water zone and other related info for planning further action.

2. After finding out the location which is the best digging method. Traditional or borewell?

A. As the depth in the neighbour's traditional well is more than 65 feet. In such case, it is better to go for borwell. In addition, try to buidl the rainwater harvesting pit to recharge the groundwater. This should me mandatory for the wealth of your onw borewell. The cost of this RWH work is very less and simple and it only needs the concern and commitment.

3. Whom should we contact for this survey?

A. State Govet. Grounwater Dept. situated at your District or any Geophysicist working for groundwater.

4. How much time required to findout the correct location.

A. The survey will take a day or two to locate the right point.


Hope this info is sufficient for planning your water sources in the new complex.

N Lakshmi Narayana


3. Locating Water Source:

Dear Sir,


Please search and go through several of my articles in this portal and you will understand and get your answer you have posted.

However I will try to answer in brief.


Engage a Hydrogeologist or Geophysicist, all professional, to under take ground water study in the available free place in your house site.  The resistivity study needs sufficint space.  The minimum lenth on mutually opposite side on more or less long a straight line would be minimum of double the total requirement of the expected depth of the depth of the bore well. If he is conducting VES then four or 5 spots have to be checked for a good control.  It is advisable to conduct a profiling and locae LOW RES indicated site and confirm their with VES that will indicate a most favourable depth.  The maximum required depth may the deepest depth where your neighbours were able to get water yielding springs underground.  Supplly this information of a minimum of 5 to 10 borewell with in a radius of about 500 meter from your house plot.  

Since the maximum lowest water level is 65 feet if the strata is soft you can opt for an open well which is less risky. Drilling a bore well with limitted finding is a wasteful exercise.

There are electromagnetic, indused polarisation and 2D or 3D resistivity imaging is available in the state of art but it may be difficult for you to reach to that amenity.

It is you who have to take a decision.

It may take about a 5 to 6 hours depending up one experience and expertise available with the specialist.

In your area if most of the recent houses optted for the borewell and succeeded then you also go for it. Otherwise go for a open well that is less risky in the envent of you not getting a good speialist to locate a bore well site.  If he is expereinced then based on the Self potential study alone he will be able to locate you a spot for open well or bore well depending up on the electro-petro properties of your area.


With best wishes,

A. Rajamohamed Ambalam

Geophysicist.  9443619352


4. To fix the Point for Bore well / Dug well scientifically

The advise given  by  A. Rajamohamed Ambalam is very appropriate and mostly OK, but his absruct- It may take about a 5 to 6 hours depending up one experience and expertise available with the specialist is required some addition It may take about a 5 to 6 hours or plus minus depending on site and topogrphy as well as absracts and suupportive workers in the study.

No one are advised to follow the exisiting methods for selecting the points for dug well/bore well without implementation of latest scientific Instruments and methods to get maximum return on epenses. 

 Mr. R. B. Sudani [BRS (AG AH) PGDEE] 
Director, Bhoojalshree Geotech Consultant( Gujarat)  
Near Agriculture University Campus,
PO Box- 139   Anand (Gujarat) -  388001
MOBILE: 094273 82368  Telephone: 02692 263611   
E-mail : groundwater.sudani@gmail .com
Dr. Suresh Pawar [Ph.D. (Hydro Geology)]
Higher Study in Germany ; Member- IAHS, IAH, IHRS
Director, Bhoojalshree Geotech Consultant
Empanelled  in  German  Government  Supported Projects  for  Drinking  Water  in  Maharashtra State
Rajgurunagar, PUNE   (Maharashtra)
PHONE : (02135) 222337 ;  MOBILE: 09822645787 
E-mail :

5. No water at all in 50ft borewell in apts in Hyderabad-solution?

I m staying in an apartment, in Hyderabad. The borewell was dug up to approximately 50 ft earlier, but there was not enough water in the initial stage. Now there is no water at all. The apartment has already been constructed. What is the solution now?


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