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Monitoring Environmental Impacts of Power station Cooling water abstraction & discharge - Involvement invited!

Hi, I'm looking into the use of satellite based and in-situ sensors to assess the effects of climate change on environmental impacts associated with power station cooling water abstraction and discharge. Scenarios where environmental impacts may be currently minimal, may change in time with reducing water availability. Impacts may reach the stage where they could impact on the operation of power stations.

To assist in the study, I'm looking for interested stakeholders in this region. This could range from a power generation company to an environmental regulator, to anyone in between. Essentially anyone who may have a vested interest in availability of water for abstraction for the power generation industry, through to the environmental impacts of discharges. Do post a comment with your suggestions & queries!


Will Aicken

Environmental consultant

Serco Ltd






1. Involvement invited

Dear Sir,

You can get my background from this portal,  I am a Geophysicist having considerable experiennce in Water Resources, Watershed, Ecology with special reference to insitu S & W management, EIA in general and integrated deep prospecting for coal, UCG and water, Climate Change with special reference to its impacts on GW.

I am being employed in an MNC for sourcing fuel and providing the water requirement for the up coming ( may start generating 1200 MW Power) mostly from end of 2011 or early part of 2012, in Tamil Nadu.

If I know the nature, type,kind and quantum of work Involvement in field as well as desk, I will be able to voluneer and contribute somthing for your valuable studies.


A. Rajamohamed Ambalam







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