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Submersible Motors & Boulders - Borewell troubles : Bangalore

I would require your valuable advise to my borewell.We are resident of Bangalore and 2 months before we constructed a borewell for our house. Depth 745 Feet. At 340 ½’’ wetness powder[90GPH , 400 LPH] 630 Ft 1 ½ “” Water [325GPH,1470 LPH] Static Water at 300 -350 Feet LPH : 2’’ of water at 670 GPH ,3015 LPH. Also we got boulders at 720 Feet. When we insert Submersible Motor[3hp] on Second day of Borewell , the motor could reach only 590 Ft , beyond that motor was not moving inside. So motor was kept at 500 Ft and water accessed for 3 to 4hrs daily. The contractor asked us to operate the borewell every day , as we got fine powdered white mud along with water. For some reason we failed to switch on the motor for 3 days , and after that motor was not running. The borewell people are not able to recover the motor,but they confirmed that they are able to insert the pipe upto 600 FT where the borewell is clear, they also could reach the motor but are not able to pull out. They suggest that the motor is "covered" by boulders, but ith about 1/2 inch of water above the motor. The solution they gave is to cut the pipe, electrical wire and get a new motor to keep it again at 500 Ft or above.

My questions are:

1. Is that the best possible solution at present?
2. Any guarantees that it will not occur again (boulder cover/ damage to new motor)
3. Is the use of a jet or compressor motor possible in this scenario?

Do suggest what will be the best course of action in this scenario.



1. Borewell Troubles

Dear Kavitham,

From the discription of what has happned with your borewell I think the best option for you to is to go in for a Air compressor pump, with no moving parts installed inside the well.

Do not try to retrive this pump or even cut the pipeline etc. simply install the air pipe and delivery pipe for the compressor pump beside the existing assembly and try to lower it as fas as possible.

This will ensure that the fine material falling in the borewell or comming into the well along with the water would get cleared without jamming the pump.

Installing one more submersible may not be a good idea as there is always the possibility of it getting covered by material falling from baove,

With regular use of the compressor pump you are effectively continously flushing and cleaning of borewell. But the efficience of this kind of pumping system is very low.

All the best.

Anil Lalwani

2. Borewell troubles : Bangalore

Dear Sir,


Luckily you are able to take out the pipe.  As per your statement your bore well looks to be clear till a depth of 590 -600 feet. As asuggested, the compressor pump is sutable for your bore well.  

Inserting again submersible pump is risky and advised not to take a risk.  As suggested, take out the pipe and wire assemplies and insert the compresser assemplies.  As the waterlevel is 300 to 350 and you have clearence till 590 fet.  You may install the end of the compressor assemply at 570 feet. minimum 200 feet submerged water may be enough for the compressor system to work.

You may put high capcity compressor set depending up on your daily average requirement.  In the market there are compressor available for discharge of 100 LPM to 500 LPM in the market.

With best wishes,

A. Rajamohamed Ambalam

Geophysicist  9443619352


3. Water output from bore down by 50%, pipe stuck at 400ft in Hosur

Dear Sir,

We have drilled a borewell in Hosur 4 months back. The area is full of rocks and when we drilled initially at 250 feet a little bit wetness was found, but later, exactly at 599 feet water was spotted. We continued drilling but we could not drill more and stopped at 648 feet as suggested by the driller stating that the water force is high(4 inch) and further drilling would damage their machine. Looking at the force of water we were convinced.

20 days later we tried to insert a pipe and air tube and we realised that at around 250 feet it got stuck and we could not insert it further. We contacted the borewell company and they suggested an air flushing of the borewell because of boulders thay may have gotten stuck. When we did flushing at around 255 feet few stones came out then it seemed to be alright. Again, at around 400 feet, stones came out. After flushing completely we insetered a pipe of 500 meters and fixed 2HP compressor pump. Compared to submersible pumps water out put was not great but it was ok. Recently, in last two weeks we found water out put force had reduced to 50% compared to what it was before. We are not sure whether the water level has gone down or the problem is with the motor.

Local mechanics came and said that if water level is more in the borewell the compressor would not pull the water, hence he pulled another 100 feet pipe out side, and now only 400 feet pipe is available inside the borewell. At 400 feet again it got stuck and we are not able to pull or push the pipe inside, we need to cut the pipe according to what ever methods the borewell company suggests.

Now we have constructed a house (50% of the construction is over). The bore well company is suggesting to insert a casing pipe through out the length (648 feet) which will cost around 1.5 lakhs. Problem is, since we have already constructed the bore well, the lorry cannot come inside the site.

Please suggest what would be the solution for this problem.

1. Do we need to insert casing pipe in the same borewell? (Presently not possible, as the construction of ground floor is already done)
2. Do we need to change the compression motors capacity?
3. Do we need to go for submersible pumps, if so boulders at 250 feets would cause any problem?
4. Again flushing would help us to insert pipe for more length, but would it help to pull out the water?
5. Is there any permanent solution for the boulder problem?


4. Casing pipe would be the best option

Hi Shylaja, casing pipe would be the best option.

5. Boulders in bore well - from 400ft (yellow soil)

Dear experts,

We have drilled a bore upto 810 ft (before house construction) where we got water source at 610 ft and later in 750 ft and after a week we tried to insert the pipe and the bore pump (3HP) but at around 400 ft the bore water down below was not reaching the surface as it was completely covered by boulders at 400ft. But after bore scanning, we found two more water sources at 180ft and 220ft (of 1inch water) but storing from 400ft and above was solving the construction purpose atleast.

We tried to re-drill the boulders with the same bore company and they were able to remove the boulder between 400 - 450 ft (roughly) and later the bore drill was able to go smoothly upto the bottom (800 ft) and they flushed the bore completely. Next day morning, when we tried to insert the bore pipe and pump again we could see the same boulders formed at 400ft.

We decided to cut the pipe and inserted it at 385 ft and could manage with the bore water usage till date. Looks like water got dried out and the first 2 sources (180ft, 220ft) are empty now. There is a seepage of water from 400ft between the boulders but it is not sufficient to run the 3HP bore.

We have decided to go for different bore well company and also to proceed with full 5.5" casing upto 800ft but this new borewell guys faced difficult to cut the stone entrapped (so called boulders) at 400 ft and tried to dig upto 420ft (roughly). They have given up now though we have told that after 450ft , the bore is fine. No body is guaranteeing that boulders can hold for some time after redrilling till 800ft and until casing is done (with slotted and plain casing wherever required esp. at boulders area).

Please suggest how to secure this bore which had good water sources down below and do we have to go for new bore for the same depth - 7ft radium away from the initial bore (as the construction continued and no chances to redrill other than this point)? Do we have to really go for casing in this new bore after geologist survey for the stream point?

In the bore where boulders are formed, can any technique be applied to case the whole bore so that it can be secured rather than going in for new one. I am really in a dilemma apart from cost considerations. Kindly advise.

Kindly suggest as I am flexible.

6. Problem with water supply using air compressor pump

Hi All,

We are using an air compressor pump for the last 5 years and water was flowing very good (it was at 460 feet). But now, near our house there is borewell of 900 feet and they are taking the water out for sale. Due to this, I am getting very low water using my air compressor pump. So if we change the motor can we get water or is there any solution to have the water with the same level?
Waiting for the reply.


7. Need suggestion on type of pump for 1000 feet borewell

Can someone please suggest if using a compressor pump is better or submersible motor is better ?

We have dug a bore well and have gone upto 1000 feet. There was some trace of water flowing through the cracks of rocky layers, but the water source seems to be very limited due to poor rain this year. If the rain improves, water table also may improve.

8. Which is the ideal motor to install in a borewell of 325 feet?

Which motor is best for 325 feet borewell, submersible or compressor motor. We got water source at 80 feet and 140 feet and got good flow of water while drilling the bore.

Need suggestion on the right kind of motor to install for my borewell.

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