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Selections : Pump, Cable & Pipes - Bangalore Urban!

Please advice me on the pumps , the different pipes ( HDPE, GI & others) & cables that I need to select for my bore well .

 Requirement : For household use

 Details of Borewell : Total Depth – 780

                              First water source – 560

                               Second water source - 700


1 Casing used - 120 feet 2. Location of the borewell - Bangalore urban

3. Current yield - 3  (required yield - 2-3)

4. Water requirement  -2500 liters a day

5. Distance from borewell to overhead tank or sump, please do mention - 50 feet


Do advice on pump & related selection as it will help me make the most effective decision possible.




1. Selection of Pump and Cable

Seeking Advice for the Bore Well Pump and Cable:

Total Depth : 425 feet.

First water source: 260 feet,   Second Source : 380 feet.

Distance between Bore Well and Existing Power Supply (Electric Pole) - 200 foot.

Please do suggest me on the same.


Dattatrya More,



2. Pumps Cabes & Pipes

Dear Mr Rajkumar,

As mentioned by you the first water was struck at 560 and the last one at 700,  and you have not mentioned the  water level in the borewell. Under these circumstance I would suggest that the pump be lowered to atleast 710 ft below groundlevel

For which you will require the following assembly-

The pump is of CRI company model S4S-2/40 or S4S-2/48 Both are 3 hp pumps.

for pipes you could ideally use GI Pipeline but can also use Supreeme Submersible PVC pipes, naturally supported by a 10mm plastic coated multicore steel wirerope

The electric supply cable would be a copper flat submersible 3 core 4 sqmm ,

This is the best assembly under the available data.

It is quite possible that you may have encountered a formation which is unstable and colapses at depth below. In that

case it is advisiable to go in for a Borewell compressor pump., but with lack of water level data is it not possibel to say if the system woudl be effective.

Hope it answeres your questions


Dr. Anil Lalwani

3. Selections : Pump, Cable & Pipes - Bangalore Urban!

Dear Sir,


The second water source struck was about 700 feet and the first spring was struck at 560 feet.  Due to hydrostatic pressure the water level would rise above.  Unless you suck more water than your reported discharge of 3 inches ( you have not stated as inches but normally the drillers report in inches only and I have assumed as so ).  


Accordingly the bore well is capable of discharging a minimum of about 20000 ( twenty thousand liters per day) and you can also draw more during rainy season.  As your requirement is hardly 2500 liters per day you will be able to pump it out and the drawdown will not go beyond 100 feet as you have tapped the deep sources, as hydrostatic potential would be vigorous.


Now the questions are if you have drilled the bore well after March, more or less the total yield will not vary much. But if you would have drilled the borewell between, September to January the the discharge may vary according to the underground recharge feeding fracture conduits charectaristics and mainly its length and multi connectivity features.

Never the less, your need is hardly a maximum of 20% discharge of the bore well, as your reported yield of 3 inches is correct, the bore well will suffice your requirement ten fold.

For the question of selection of suitable pump the starting water level, pumping water level and finishing water level after the pump discharge of 2500 liters.  If you break the requiremnt as 2 time filling of your overhead tank, then also the design will change.

However by assuming the follwing and taking the minimum spposed risk consideration, that is

In your area during summer, the static water level stands as 250 feet,  in rainy season it will rise up.  As now a days more and more bore well is getting drilled and in future the Static water level in deepest seasonal ground water level may fall down and assuming as 350 feet,  after the pumpage of 2500 liters in a single time pumping, the pumping level of borewell water would or might reseach down a depth of about 450 feet. 

Now how many minutes you want to pump,  considering a 30 minutes total pumping duration, the required pump discharge is about 85 Liters per minutes (LPM).  Hence the submercible pump should be capable of discharging 80 to 90 LPM from a depth of about 500 feet below ground level.

Considering the depth and discharge rate, the suitable pipe size would be about one quarter of inches that is about 315-320 mm diameter pipe.  Though HDP single piece is favoured, considering practicability of errection and future removal for overhawling, a threadded ISI mark PVC is most favoured.  

Now a days many single phase pumps capable for discharge and for this depth has come into market,  it is advisable to apt for ISI mark pumps.  A 2 H.P. motor with 25 stage pump would suffice the need.   Please note if the static water level in summer, stands at 100 feet then you require 12 stages pump.  But to be on the safe side apt for 2 H. P. - 25 stage pump with threadded PVC pipe.  Normally  3 sqmm copper multi core cable would suffice.  Please give the data as you see below to the pump dealer, ISI Marked item should be selected.


Depth of installation = 500 feet

Pipe dia = 315-320 mm

Submersible pump = 2 h.p single phase with 25 or 30 stage. ( Please reduce the stage if the lowest static water level is

                                                                                       about 200 or 150 feet, I have assumed it is 350 feet) 

Pipe Type = PVC threadded type, each of 10 feet length with 315 to 320 mm diameter

Cable =  Multicore 3sqmm 

Starter =  5 Amp DC type.

Please note if your pump instalation crosses 560 feet the colloidal particle will get into to your sucksion head and the impeller will get detoriate and it may lead to frequent problem with pumping.  

With best wishes,

A. Raja Mohamed Ambalam

Geophysicist - +919443619352



4. Advise needed on selecting motor and fittings for 100ft borewell

Dear Sir,

I have a drilled a borewell in my land and the details are as follows:

Total Depth: 1000ft
Water Source: 920 ft and 960 ft
Yield: 1 inch
Drilled on March 10, 2012

Please advise me on what kind of motor and all the fittings needed. I prefer something with HDPE, considering the savings in cost. I would like to use the maximum water available. The driller said the yield will improve as this is summer season.

5. Borewell pump selection

I have recently dug a 6.5" borewell in Bangalore urban, south for house hold use. Water came at 660 feet. Total depth 670 feet. Yield as told by driller-4". Suspected silt after striking water. I am yet to measure the static level of water.

Please advice suitable (submersible) pump for following domestic need. Water needed per day 2000L, two time filling please advise on-
    1.    Whether I have to clean the bore well by pumping out and yield check by using an external agency
    2.    Pump hp
    3.    No of stages
    4.    Type of pipe in water pressure rating etc (HDPE 40mmm 63/12.5kg-single length or different)
    5.    Type of electrical cable-rating etc


6. Borewell 710 ft, water yield 3.5 inch - what kind of pump to use

Dear Experts

Recently we dug a borewell and the depth is 710 ft, yield is 3-3.5 inch as per the driller.  We got first string at 560 ft then at 620 ft and then at 680 ft. The water level is upto 100 ft from the ground level, we want to irrigate 2 acre of betelnut plant, kindly suggest the suitable pumps and motor combination.


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