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Disinfection of Municipal Water Supply with Twin Oxide : Advantages & Disadvantages ?

We have been traditionally using Chlorine as disinfectant in municipal water supplies. But recently some firms have come forward to disinfect water with Twin Oxide. We are finding it difficult to measure the residual concentration of twin oxide as the instrument for the same is not ready available.

Please share your experience with Twin Oxide and its advantages for disinfecting municipal drinking water supplies.


Rajiv Batish




rajiv ji,

Actually twin oxide is only the brand name and basically the chemical name is chlorine dioxide. Surely it is a better and powerful disinfectant than chlorine i.e. bleaching powder or hypo-chlorites. in contrast to chlorine, clo2 does not react with water to hydrolyse, although it does disproportionate to chlorite and chlorate.

in field chlorine dioxide can be determined diethyl phenylene diamine sulphate(dpd) if the dosage given is as recommended (0.2-0.3 ppm), the solution gives red colour when mixed with water having clo2. in very low dosages it is difficult ot measure in field.

Advantage of this disinfectant is that it can work between wide ph range (4-8.4) whereas it is not possible in case of chlorine compounds. it is very effective on viruses..

the main disadvantages are, it is costlier and chlorite and chlorate formed in the water are toxic however the investigations have shown that in low quantities the said substances are not toxic at all.



Amit Kr. Singh,
Govt. of Haryana,
Public Health Engg. Department,
Water Testing Lab,Karnal-132001(haryana)

2. CLo2 Kit Manufacturer

Dear Mr. Rajiv Ji,

 There is only one company called Ecosterile Mkt Pvt Ltd who Manufacturer Chlorine dioxide test kit where you can check the residual upto 0.005 and it's easily available in the market for more details you can Tel -02232067007



Sunil Chavan

3. Diamond Oxide, a stronger version of ClO2 than Twin Oxide.

Diamond Oxide a Very stronger version of Chlorine Dioxide in liquid form (0.9 % i.e. 9000 ppm of ClO2 strength in liquid) and 99.99% purest Chlorine Dioxide , no byproduct like chlorite, chlorate, free chlorine etc. And very easy to generate on spot i.e. in the field and due to the liquid form of the raw materials, very easy to make a homogeneous solution and does not need the solution to stir after mixing the components to the water. And the ClO2 stability is superb than any other ClO2 product and has a long self life.

We also manufactured ClO2 test kit (color comparator Test Kit). As it has the ability to check the ClO2 residual as low as 0.005 ppm ClO2 and the higher range of measuring ClO2 is 1.5 ppm. Very easy to perform the residual checking of ClO2 and also measure the maximum strength of ClO2 by simple dilution of the concentrated ClO2 solution.

4. Diamond oxide sold in India

Diamond Oxide sold in India by Ecosterile Environmental Technologies is not the same as the real Diamond Oxide, be aware of that. Ecosterile needs to prove it works and not just copy text from Diamond Oxide Chemicals.

5. Shouldn't be rumour

Before making statements about diamondoxide you should have proper information about the company.

6. Twin oxide (0.3% Chlorine Dioxide)

Dear Mr. Rajiv,

Twin Oxide is a 0.3% solution of Chlorine Dioxide.

Field Test Kit for Chlorine Dioxide is readily available with Prerana Laboratories, Pune.

The Chlorine Dioxide Kit manufactured by Prerana Laboratories is an easy-to-use compact Kit, containing everything required to test water at field itself.

Prerana Laboratories also manufactures Ozone Test Kit, Chlorine Test Kit (with DPD Tablets), Hydrogen Peroxide Test Kit and a wide range of other parameters.


Ravi Savant

Prerana Laboratories, Prerana House, Near Chhatrapati Bank, Vishal Nagar, Jagtap Dairy, Aundh-Wakad Road, Pune - 411027. Mob# 09371015199


7. Twin oxide

Twin oxide is a good disinfectant but its main drawback is how to check residual chlorine, its advantages are that it has no byproducts like chloramines (carcinogens), it is easy to handle as chlorine gads cylinder need quite expert persons to handle as it is hazardous but it is cheaper then twin oxide.

8. Response

Ozone can be used to disinfect water without the bad effect of chlorine. Advanced countries are using Ozone. We can get Ozonator using oxygen from the being converted into O3 ozone. Oxygen enriched air will be more useful, Pure oxygen cal also be used.

9. Twin Oxide test kits

Try for test kits. They have test strips and photometers.

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