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Point-of-use Fluoride, Arsenic and Iron Removal from Drinking Water - Advice Required

This is regarding a new sachet-based product for point-of-use removal of Arsenic, Fluoride and Iron from drinking water.

We have developed following products for producing safe drinking water, mainly for households/communities located in small villages or remote adivasi areas.

a)     Sachet-based product for removal of Arsenic and Iron from drinking water.

        (We have also developed Arsenic Testing Kit and Iron Testing Kit)

b)     Sachet-based product for removal of Fluoride from drinking water.

        (We have also developed Fluoride Testing Kit)

The treatment technique removes Arsenic from drinking water to bring it down from 500 ppb to below 10 ppb (WHO Standard) in 30 minutes.

Fluoride is removed from drinking water to bring it down from 5 ppm level to below 1.0 ppm level in 2 hours.

Household treatment requires only a bucket and cotton cloth for filtration.

Only 2.5 gm sachet is required for Household treatment of 15 litres of drinking water. Crystal-clear water is available within half an hour, which is free from Arsenic, Iron, Turbidity etc.

This arrangement can be scaled-up for community-level treatment too. For community-level treatment, the cost works out to about 6 to 8 paise per liter water.

Neither high value capital investment, nor technical skill is required. Technique involves only mix-wait-filter.

Performance and efficiency of the technique has been evaluated and approved by state Govt. Laboratories and CSIR Laboratory.

We feel these products would be of great help to Govt. Departments, Agencies and NGOs working in the field of Arsenic/Fluoride mitigation, more so due to their utility in terms of simplicity, costs and logistics.

We would be glad to receive feedback regarding the products, from organizations/individuals working in these areas.

Also, would somebody be able to advise us on the following –

a)     Which Govt. agency should we contact for assistance to make this technique/product reach-out up to the point of use?

b)     Contacts of any NGO’s that are working specifically in this area.

c)     Do we get any assistance/ funding from Govt. agencies for making arrangement of infrastructure (community treatment tank etc.) for making this technique reach up to the affected people.

Please provide contact details of Agencies, Departments or NGO concerned.

Technical literatures regarding the products are attached.

Link for demonstration video of the product is as below:


Ravi Savant,

Prerana Laboratories, Prerana House, Near Chhatrapati Bank, Vishal Nagar, Jagtap Dairy, Aundh-Wakad Road, Pune – 411027.

Tel: 020 27274958, 9371015199




1. Dear Mr. Sawant, The

Dear Mr. Sawant,

The information known to me is only regarding item (a). The correct agency at the Centre is Ministry of Rural Development, Department of Drinking Water. Their contact details can be seen on the internet at their web-site.
Of course, at the State level, there are concerned departments for maintenance of rural water supply schemes. Their list as also the prospect of financial assistance can also be obtained from the same Department.
The proponent should properly document the scientific details about the treatment process and testing method.

With regards

Paritosh Tyagi
Chairman (Retired)
Central Pollution Control Board
New Delhi

2. Dear Sri Ravi Sawant, As per

Dear Sri Ravi Sawant,

As per your query, Performance and efficiency of the technique has been evaluated under laboratory conditions by state Govt. and CSIR Laboratories.
For field evaluation, you should contact following organizations.

1) Ministry of Rural Development (Individual States and Central).
2) Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi.
3) Organizations like UNICEF, Water aid.
Many of the above organizations may be having tie ups with NGOs, who can undertake the evaluation, acceptability and sustainability of the techniques developed.

It appears the methods are based on the principle of adsorption. There should be information on the safe disposal of sludge/sorbent loaded with arsenic or fluoride.


Leela Iyengar


Dear Sawant ji,

I have seen the video of your product Jal Nirmal. The water you mentioned as turbid water is contaminated by which constituents and weather this water becomes potable immediately after using your product.

Kindly send some samples of your product.

Amit Kr. Singh,
Govt. of Haryana,
Public Health Engg. Department,
Water Testing Lab,Karnal-132001(haryana)

4. Response

Dear Mr. Paritosh Tyagi/Mm. Leela Iyengar,

Thank you for your comments and feedback regarding field trials of the product. It is indeed a great help in making this product reach upto affected prople.

Dear Mr. Ranaji,

Thank you for your query.

The demonstration video of JalNirmal Sachet was taken using surface-flowing water during rainy season, when turbidity of water was maximum. As seen in the video, the water had initial turbidity of 400NTU. After the treatment, as can be seen in the video, the turbidity had come down below 4NTU. within 10 minutes after filtration. 

The product used  in the video was JalNimal Arsenex Sachet. The JalNirmal Arsenex sachet is useful for removal of turbidity, Arsenic and Iron from drinking water. The 2.5gms sachet of JalNirmal Arsenex is sufficient for treatment of 15 litres of drinking water.( The Arsenic is reduced from 500ppb to less than 10ppb, Iron is reduced from 5ppm to less than 1ppm and turbidity is reduced from 400NTU to less than 5NTU after filtration through thick cotton cloth) Treatment process also leaves Residual chlorine of 0.2 to 0.5 PPM in the water. This takes care of bacterial content in water. Total treatment time is only half an hour. You get crystal clear safe potable drinking water within half an hour. This has been confirmed in CSIR laboratory in repeated trials spread over a period of 4 months

Similarly, with JalNirmal DeFluorider Sachet, it is possible to treat Fluoride affected drinking water. The 6.5gms JaNirmal DeFluorider Sachet is sufficient for treatment of 10 litres of Fluoride affected drinking water. Treatment time for DeFluorider sachet is 3 hours. (Fluoride is reduced from 5ppm to less than 1.0ppm, Iron is reduced from 5ppm to less than 1ppm and turbidity is reduced from 400NTU to less than 5NTU. Also, treatment leaves residual chlorine of about 0.5ppm in water, which takes care of bacteria ) The crystal clear fluoride safe potable drinking water is available in 3 hours.

I have also enclosed soft copies of my articles on the subject published in Water Today Magazine (November issue) and Everything About Water Magazine (November issue) for more info. on the subject.


Ravi Savant,

Prerana Laboratories


Thanks Sawant ji for your answer, actually I was concerned about Bacterial Contamination which was not cleared in your video but now as you have written that treatment also leaves 0.5 PPM of residual chlorine, my doubt has been cleared.

Amit Kr. Singh,
Govt. of Haryana,
Public Health Engg. Department,
Water Testing Lab,Karnal-132001(haryana)

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