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Rubber composition for RWH tank

Can anyone guide me for chemical composition and testing of rubber to be used in manufacturing potable water for rain harvesting tanks?



1. Rubber Lining for RWH tanks

Dear Chetan,

Why are you thinking of rubber for making RWH tanks? It is normal practice to make tanks and then line them internally with rubber.This is an old method and I would not recommend it.You can get the Indian Standards for rubber lining which is IS 4682,you will find the rubber composition for this duty.

The best thing to do is to use HDPE tanks which are widely used for storing water.Rubber by itself can not be used for making tanks,it is best to use it for lining a tank.The cost of rubber has been going up steadily and you will find it quite expensive,probably any where up to Rs.20/- or more per litre storage volume compared to Rs.5/- or slightly more per litre of storage volume for HDPE. 



2. Rubber tanks

Thanks for your  mail.  I have noted its content,

The tanks that i am making do not require the outer MS or HDPE Tanks.

These are very easy to handle and movement is also very easy. 

This concept is now growing in lot of Middle East & European countries, may be not for rain harvesting but for potable water storage.

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