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Queries for reverse osmosis antiscalant

Dear Sir,

This is sujeet sherma, i want to know about some queries in the fields of water chemicals.

  • How to test reverse osmosis Antiscalant whether it is effective or not, i want to know the process to simplify for test this RO Antiscalant, and give some knowledge about this?
  • What is Biocide, and how it works with RO System, what is the effect of this solution on this system?
  • What is the need of Chelation value in RO Antiscalant and why?
  • What is Sequesting value?
  • What is Dispersant and Oil Dispersant, and its uses in cooling Water & Boiler.

I m waiting for your excellent answer.



1. Dear Sujeet, However, I may

Dear Sujeet,

However, I may say the following: -

Biocide is a biological product to kill insects. It can replace chemical insecticides in agriculture. When added to water, it can also control growth of organisms that can otherwise plug pipelines. Its use is preferred because it is generally non-toxic, while chemical insecticides are toxic.

''Sequesting" is probably an incorrect term. "Sequestering"is a term and it is used in connection with removal of green house gases, especially carbon dioxide, from air.

With regards 

Paritosh Tyagi
Chairman (Retired)
Central Pollution Control Board
New Delhi

2. Dear Sujeet, 1. Anti-scalants

Dear Sujeet,

  • Anti-scalants are chemical formulations decided by companies that make these for users & manufacturers of RO plants. Invariably, anti-scalants are formulations which include chelants, dispersants and sequestering agents. Only the manufacturers of these know how much they use to formulate an anti-scalant or a range of anti-scalants. I would suggest that you ask the manufacturers for information he expects from us. I am not very confident that he would be given this information, however, if he is asking this information from the point of view of a user of RO plants, I can say with all confidence that he does not need it.
  • A user of an RO plant can easily make out if an antiscalant he is using is working simply by logging the inlet and outlet pressure of the RO plant (such data would be logged by the plant operating personnel) and checking if the differential pressure is showing an increasing trend or remaining steady. If it is increasing the anti-scalant may not be working as it should.
  • A biocide is never used in an RO plant, it is only used in a cooling tower to prevent biological fouling of the cooling tower and growth of algae.
  • A dispersant prevents deposition of impurities in the water inside a boiler/cooling tower such as total hardness, oil in traces etc. from forming deposits on the surfaces being cooled or in the boiler tubes.

I would also suggest that you should spend some time doing an internet search (eg.Google Search) and you will find a lot of the information you are seeking.


Ion Exchange


3. Information about RO Antiscalant.

What is the need of chelation value in atiscalant and its function with membrane in  RO system?

4. what permeate value

What is permeate value

5. We use RO Treat_104 and satisfied with the product

Dear Sir,

We are manufacturers of industrial RO plant, we always use RO Treat_104 and we are satisfied with this product.

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