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Need cost of water treatment technologies


I am a student doing an academic project on feasibility study of setting up a water treatment plant. Can someone please suggest the cost of setting up plants with the following technologies  and cost of treating 1KL of water per day using the same technologies.

Membrane Filtration
Membrane Bio-reactor
Reverse Osmosis
UV Radiation
Ion Exchange
Carbon Filtration

 Thanks in advance



1. Narrow down your scope if you want the right answer

Dear gen_x,

What is the exact purpose of your project? What kind of water treatment plant do you want to set up and for what purpose will you use the water?Until you say so, it will be difficult to advise you suitably. The quality of treated water you want to produce will decide which of the technologies listed by you are relevent and or necessary.Also, the quality of raw water will decide the cost per litre of the treated water you wish to produce.

  1. Membrane filtration processes are Reverse Osmosis, Nano filtration and ultrafiltration.A membrane bio reactor is also a membrane filtration process used mainly to purify waste water/sewage.
  2. Ion exchange using cation and anion exchangers can be used to demineralise water by removing the dissolved solids.The same thing can be done by Reverse Osmosis too.A cation exchanger can be used to soften water and so also nano filtration.

It will be difficult to advise you unless you answer the questions in the first paragraph above.



Water Management Consultant.



2. More details

Hi Mr.Ranganathan,

Thanks for the reply.

I am studying the feasibility of setting up a water treatment plant with the purpose of providing water for domestic use. This project is to understand the viability of setting up water treatment plants in semi-urban/rural areas by private operators and then to supply the filtered water through piped connections.

The raw water used in this process will be ground water in most case and in some cases it might be water from lakes. I am not sure about the quality of the raw water, but I am assuming that it might be contaminated due to release of domestic sewage and also industrial effluent in some cases.

Based on this information, could you please advice me.


3. Urban/Rural water supply

Dear gen_x,

Thanks for the clarification.A test report for each source of 'raw' water is a must for selecting which process or combination of processes would be the most appropriate and then for the purpose of deciding on the size and other features of each process selected.You will need to mention how much treated will be required per day and per hour.If you give this information to me I would be able to help you.




4. Response

Dear Member,
Membrane Filtration

  • This shall be based on liter pre hour and cost of a plant based on 1000 liters/hr. shall be approx. Rs. 3 lacs.

Membrane Bio-reactor

  • This is a wastewater treatment system and cost of a plant based on 1000 liters per hour shall be Rs. 60 lacs.


  • This is a pre-treatment and shall cost Rs. 3 lacs for a system of 1000 liters/hour.


  • This is both, pre-tretament for WTP as well as WWTP & cost of such a unit shall be Rs. 5 lac for 1000 l/hr.

Reverse Osmosis

  • This is a WTP and shall cost Rs. 3 lac for 1000 lph.

UV Radiation

  • This is for disinfection and shall cost Rs. 45000 for 1000 lph.

Ion Exchange

  • This is a softener and used for softening of water. It is based on quantity as well as quality of water and costs about 1 lac for 1000 lph for hardness 250 mg/l.

Carbon Filtration

  • This is a post-treatment and costs about 70000 for 1000 lph.

With best regards,
Taral Kumar
Executive Director
Akar Impex Pvt. Ltd.
Noida, Uttar Pradesh

5. Cost comparison


Thanks for sharing this information with all of us.I want to know are these costs the installation costs or the operating cost or include both.If it include both then can you send me the breakage of it.

Actually i am looking for a treatment technology for recycling water from 80 flats.

In aspiration of an answer from you.



6. FAQ

Some of the aspects on maintainence and factors to choose the technology are well outlined by an FAQ by Mr. Ranganathan-

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Waste water / Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)

7. Hi everyone here ,good to

Hi everyone here,

Good to read about the discussion on water treatment plants.

I am B.Tech final year student and I am interested to join petroleum industry after completion of my engg and later I decided to study about water treatment plant i.e desalination of sea water.

I thought, after completion of my course, I will take power plant diploma certificate course and later work for 2 to 3 years and gain knowledge on all the power plant systems and later I thought of setting up a small water treatment power plant with very very low budget that would be near the sea shore and that will treat sea water to fresh water, is it possible to do this with a small budget plan or I can go for any other water treatment plant instead of this?

What would be the cost of small plant, equipments and the methods that will be suitable for treating water. I would like to set up this plant in UAE or Saudi Arabia or in India.

If you have any other thing you would like to suggest regarding this, I would love to hear from you

Thanking you.

8. Need details to set up a mineral water plant in Bangalore

We are planning to set up a mineral water plant in Bangalore. What are the machinery required ?

Kindly assist me in it.


Naveed Ahmed


9. Contact Eco Water Soultions for details

Dear Mr. Naveed Ahmed,
If you want to setup mineral water plant please contact : Eco Water Solutions Technologies(p)Ltd. New Delhi

Pankaj Upadhyay

10. Want to promote drinking water projects in UP - Pl contact me

I am working as Deputy Chief Executive Officer in Khadi Gramodyog Department of U.P Government. I have felt that unorganised development in urban and rural areas of U.P has made life measurable due to bad quality of potable water. They are suffering from different type of water borne disease. I am thinking if they could get good drinking water, their life may be good.

We are having two Govt schemes first Mukhyamantri Gramodyog Rojgar Yojana in which we are providing Rs 10.00 Lac loan through bank either 4% interest rate or on zero interest and second one is the Pradhan Mantri Gramodyog Rojgar Srijan Yojana in which up to Rs 25 Lac can be financed for unit setting , in this scheme there is a provision of grant of 35%of the project cost.

I am planning to promote at least 70 units in Uttar Pradesh through both above schemes. For the same I need viable detailed project reports (1) up to Rs 10Lakh and (2) up to Rs25 Lac.

I need also water consultants who could provide turn-key basis support on payment basis. Please send the details like address and mobile no etc .

Hari Ram Singh, Lucknow; Mobile no- 9839959915

11. We can provide consultancy - We are based at Chattisgarh

Dear Sir,
We are at Chattisgarh, working as United Enterprises. We provide consultancy & installation, erection and supply of package drinking water treatment plant entire Chattisgarh, Odissa, Andhrapradesh. Our projects are running successfully.

Kindly contact us
Uzzual Bandopadhayay
United Enterprises. Bilaspur, Chattisgarh.
08305527607, 9300324950, 9039860108

12. Need info on MGRY & PMGRSY schemes to start water plant

Dear Sir,

Could you please write about the entire process and procedure to avail Mukhyamantri Gramodyog Rojgar Yojana & Pradhan Mantri Gramodyog Rojgar Srijan Yojana schemes.

I am an MBA graduate and would like set up a small water plan business.


13. Contact me about RO water plant, I am from Varanasi


I am interested in your project, please contact me on 9044801112. I am from Varanasi.

14. Need info to start fresh water treatment plant in Saharanpur, UP


I want to setup fresh water treatment plant in Saharanpur(UP) .

Can you povide me some infomation like project report , contact person at Saharanpur .My contact details are :

Thank you

15. Need info to start packaged drinking water in Uttarakhand


I want to start a packaged drinking water plant of approximately 1000lt/hr capacity in Uttarakhand.

Need information on how to go about the project.

16. Thanks: Per Liter Treatment

Thanks for providing the information Mr. Taral.

Could you also please provide the cost per liter treatment for these technologies?


17. Waste water treatment plant- cost comparison.

Mr Taral,

Please can you provide the details related to conventional sewage treatment plant (domestic- with gardening reuse purpose) and DEWATs plant per Ml for the capital investment and recurring cost -O & M.

With regards,


18. How to estimate cost of water pollution in mining areas


I am researching for my Masters thesis in a US University on 'The True Cost of Indian Coal'. While calculating External costs I want to include costs incurred due to water pollution because of mining. As a proxy I was wondering if I can use water treatment costs in India, more specifically in a place such as Jharia. Also may be include the Municipal distribution cost of this water?

From where can I get relevant data? Can any of you suggest me any reading or give me a rough estimate about this cost?

Need it fast as deadline is knocking on the door.



19. Industrial waste water-separators and centrifuges queries


I am currently doing a research assignment on industrial waste water treatment technologies in India with a focus on separators and centrifuges. I wanted to know details about the following:

1. I am aware that Alfa Laval, GEA, Andritz, McNally Humboldt are the major players in separators and centrifuges. Are there any more players that have a strong presence in India?

2. Which are the various technologies that are used for waste water treatment and which is the most demanded?

3. What is the cost of each treatment technology?

4. Which are the major industries that used waste water treatment? Mention in order of priority.

It would be of great help if someone can address these questions.

Thanks in advance

Jimmy Uberoi

20. Query regarding bio-membrane for waste water treatment


I am a student doing an academic project on feasibility study of setting up a water treatment plant. Can someone please tell me which is the first membrane bio-reactor to be used in India?

21. Need information about mineral water plant set up


I am Sarvesh doing my BBM, final year. After completing my BBM. I want to open a small mineral water plant with small budget, which process is used for drinking water for 1000lit /hr. What will b the cost for setting up the plant?

Thank you

22. mineral water plant

Our company completes your requirements related mineral water plant with bottling unit so if your have any query then feel free to ask us. we will help you to get ISI license and in your budget we can supply all the machinery you required for production.



23. Need information to setup a mineral water plant in Patna, Bihar

Dear sir, I am planning to setup a mineral water plant in Patna, Bihar. Can you give me some information about the cost, equipments ,licence etc.

24. Project cost estimate for packaged drinking water plant

Plant capacity 2000lph:
2no"s pouch packing machine
Bottle filling arrangement(manually).
jar filling (" ); BIS lab.
Plant & machinery Rs 12,50,000/-
with BIS consultancy + license fees  Rs 85,000/- testing charges.

25. Can help you set up a mineral water plant

We are supplying mineral water plants and we can help start your own business. Contact us for more details - 9925222007

26. TDS is 4500-Is it alright for setting up water treatment plant?


I plan to set up a 1000 litre water treatment plant in Farrukh Nagar (Gurgaon). But the TDS is 4500. So please advise whether the TDS is ok for water treatment plant.

27. Manufacturer of RO system, industrial RO of various range

Our company completes your requirements related mineral water plant with bottling unit so if your have any query then feel free to ask us. we will help you to get ISI license and in your budget we can supply all the machinery you required for production.



28. Need quotation to start water plant in TN and Maharashtra

Please send me the quotation for setting up a water plant in Tamil nadu and in Maharashtra with all details like licenses, cost ect. for capacity of 1000 to 10,000 ltrs.

29. Please suggest about the business opportunities in RO

Dear all,

I am planning to set up a RO water treatment plant in north Andhra Pradesh. So can you please suggest about the business opportunity, cost estimation for the project, man power and other requirements.

Thank you

30. Want to set up mineral water plant in Raigad district, Mumbai


I want to set up a mineral water plant near Mumbai (Raigad district) of capacity 1000 lph. Source water will be borewell or river water. I would to concentrate on 10 & 20 lit pet jars. Can any one/supplier help me ?

Send me your offer on

31. Mineral water plant help

Hi Ravindra, 

I am sending you an email please check the mail and call me. We will give you total help in this business. You can ask us any query.




32. Want to set up 1500 LPH capacity mineral water plant in Nagpur

I want to set up a 1500 LPH plant at Nagpur. Can you provide me some information regarding this?
Please contact me on +917709006164

33. Need help to setup drinking water plant in Darjeeling/Siliguri

I want to set up a drinking water treatment plant with 1000LPH capacity in Darjeeling or Siliguri.

Kindly please help me.

My email id is

mobile no is 9093474603

34. Need guidance to setup RO water plant in Jaipur


I need your help and your guidance as I want to setup a water treatment plant in Jaipur (Rajasthan) Here the TDS is around 900-1200. So what should be my strategies to setup a plant and how should I calculate the total expenditure on monthly basis?

35. Please contact me

Dear Sir,
For a plant capacity of 2000lph, pouch packing machine 2 no., jar filling manual 1ltr bottle fillig (manual) BIS lab- Total cost rs 12,50,000/-

Please contact me on 9300324950; 08305527607
Uzzual Bandopadhayay
United Enterprises

36. TDS in water is acceptable as per standard

Dear Rahul,
Your water TDS is acceptable as per standard. We are the manufacturer and supplier of mineral water plant,please contact us at the below address for more information.

Pankaj Upadhyay
Eco Water Solutions Technologies (p) Ltd.

37. Water treatment


I am doing something to reduce water cost per liter or roaming free to any where with out transport (i.e. induce water cost) so, that I'm trying to make it man free to any where. I want your comments and views.

Mohit Gupta - Doing B Tech from JKLU

38. Water treatment plant

Dear Sir,

I have started my new business - water treatment plant in Gujarat. Kindly suggest how to calculate per litre of cost in water treatment industry.

39. Need details regarding RO establishers in Namkkal, Tamilnadu

In Tamil Nadu near Namakkal district where are RO plant establishers available? At what cost? I need a set up a 1000 litre per hour plant.

40. Cost estimate for 2000lph plant

Dear Sir,

For a plant capacity of 2000lph, pouch packing machine 2 no., jar filling manual 1ltr bottle filling (manual), BIS lab - Total cost Rs. 12,50,000/-

Uzzual Bandopadhayay
United Enterprises;; 08305527607,9300324950

41. Want to set a RO water treatment plant in Hooghly

I wish to set up a RO water treatment plant in Hooghly. Mainly concerned with 20 ltr jar filling. Can anyone guide me about the cost for setting up the plant and steps to open a small business.

Mail me -

42. How to provide low cost RO water in villages in Haryana

We want to provide low cost RO water for about 2000 homes in rural area of Bhageshwari districts of Haryana. The water source is groundwater and is about 1 kilometer away from the village.

43. Want to set up mineral water plant in Haryana

Hi All,

I am interested in setting up water treatment plant in Haryana/Delhi. Could you please help me in selecting the type of plant based on TDS levels, along with approximate cost of setting up the plant. I would like to focus on 10/20 L pet jars.


44. Want to set up mineral water plant in Madhya Pradesh

Hi All,
I want to set up a water plant near Katni, in Madhya Pradesh. Please can you let me know of the legal formalities for setting up small scale plant and is their any govt subsidies for this. Thanks in advance for your suggestion.

Manish Singh
+91 9975611690

45. Contact me for details on type of RO for your plantation

I will provode you best solution for your plantation, you can contact me on 9044801112.

46. We can provide you good RO plant - Shruti water world

Hello Ratan,

We can provide you with a good RO plant for your noble work, please contact us or call us on 08866149244.

Shruti water world

47. Need quote for medium size drinking water plant, Ahmednagar

Dear Sir,

I am interested to set up packaged drinking water plant in a farm house land near Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. The source of water is from a well and groundwater.

Please send detailed information on quotes and what are the requirement from our side. We are planning on starting a medim sized plant of 1 litre bolttles.


48. Want to set up water treatment plant through borewell


I want to set up a water treatment plant through borewell.

Want to know if I can use the water through borewell and is it legal to take ground water directly.

Please help with details. I will install this if somebody can help me. You can contact me at 9092703501.

49. Need assistance to start drinking water plant in Noida

Can anybody assist me to calculate the cost of setting up a drinking water treatment plant in Noida.

50. Need costing info for setting up 4000 ltrs/hr RO water plant


I want to install a set up of RO plant. 

Would like to know what is costing for 4000 Ltr/hr capacity plant.

Anurag Shukla

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