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Rain water flow can bring mud into boring

Hi,I am Pradeep we  had a bore of 100 feet,after 2 days continous rain i am getting mud water in my BOREWELL and the mechanic says football need to be cleaned ,borewell engineer says i has to be cleaned by pumping air.If i have done these activities my borewell will restored permanently,can i believe that no problem will come in future with my borewell ,please suggest me.



1. rainwater makes water muddy in bore

Hi Pradeep,

U have not mentioned the depth of casing pipe. Cleaning the bore well will indicate whether the mud is from the silt at the bottom or from the shallow aquifer that has not been cased. If it is silt accumulation cleaning might help else I am afraid the problem is different. Then the solution is drilling  a new well or placing the casing to greater depth which is as good as new well. In any case this muddy water if it is contnuous then it can also trap the pipes in the borewell.

Best of Luck




2. location of screens

If your screens are located at shallow depth the above mentioned activity will not help. You need to pump from deeper formation to avoid turbidity during rainy season.

S V N Rao

3. More explanation


Can you explain more on the same?


4. Muddy water in your bore well.

Your problem may be due to muddy storm water due to heavy rains entering your bore well from the top.If the bore well casing is low enough for storm water to enter,you should try and put some thing on the bore well casing that will prevent entry of storm water.If you succeed in this,wait for a day or two and the water will be clearer.

The 'football' you mention is actually the 'foot valve' on the suction line of the pump if it is an external centrifugal pump installed on the top near the bore well.If the pump is a submersible pump inside the well, it does not need any foot valve.

How muddy is the water being pumped out of the well? If it is pumped into a sump and allowed to remain like that for  a few hours, the muddiness is likely to settle down and you can pump reasonably clear water.



5. Dear Pradeep, The bore well

Dear Pradeep,
The bore well needs to be flushed throughly to remove the suspended impurities if any. This should have been done during the drilling operation it self. However, the same can be done as of now. Since, we do not know the exact location and geology of the bore well the suggestion for the remedial measures will be a difficult process. If it is drilled in the unconsolidated geological terrian with out the provision of combination of casing pipes like slotted pipes aganist the productive sandy aquifer zone and blank casing aganist the clayey layer then the aforesaid problem will be crucial one. Hence, forth the area and location should be known with the type of geology/rock formation for better understanding of the problem and for better alternative suggestions.



6. Muddy water in borewell

Dear Pradeep,

This is a common occurance in cases where the borewell casing is near groundlevel and there is no bore cover installed leaving no space open to sky.

Secodly, there is no mention of what typ eof pump installed, the length of casing installed, nor is there an indication of where you are located.

If you are located in laterite terrain, then there is a possibility that the casing installed is inadequate in length or broken some where at depth.

The football- as you have mentioned is as corrected in the earlier response as footvlave, but using a pump with a footvalve assembly is outdated and rarely installe din the present times especially when people have opted for the submersible pumps. unless ofcourse you have struck water within 10 meters and have installed  a volute centrifugal monoblock pump installed on the borewell.

All the same, just thinkign of flushing the borewell may not be the right solution for you, my advice to you is to send in all the details, such as :


lenght of casing installed,

height of casing above groundlevel

type of pump installed

So that the members could be in a better position to advice you as to what needs to be done.

Hope fully, you can manage to find a solution to your problems fromt he various suggestions that have been made.


Anil Lalwani


7. Not to worry

 Dear Pradeep ji,

There is nothing to worry.  The problem will subside with time. Perhaps the veins which bring water to your well are getting cleaned and more opened. You need to pump the muddy water even if you do not need it. This will help the cleaning process and you will not get mud with water after some time.

Gyan Prakash Soni

8. Mud water from borewell..need suggestion

Dear Sir

We have a for the past 15 years. It was not very useful in early days when there was no rains. Later, after 5 years we did rig a borewell. In this case, at 80 feet, white stones were detected and at 110 feet red soil was detected and there was a scarcity of water. The water levels were low. If v increase the pressure in motor the mud used to come out. After 6 years it failed. During this period the well which was rigged earlier was useful. But we did not fix a motor for the well. Later 3 or 4 years back we rigged another borewell beside the 1st one (a few feet from 1st borewell) It was successful because blackstone was detected and ample of water levels was available, in fact it is available even till today.

1 year back mud came out through borewell and we have cleaned the foot valve using air pressure (Spent Rs. 3000/-). The depth of the bore well is 165 feet and casing was about 100 feet at that time. He also suggested that there may be a breakage of casing and we need to replace the casing. Because of some others' opinion we discarded this option and didn't go for new casing. And we also reduced the casing from 100 to 80 feet. It went on well for the past 1 Year. Now the same problem is repeated. We are using Jet type motor. 1.5 Hp.

Please give us good option, whether we have to go for new casing or not. We thought 15000/- was the cost to be incurred which was huge those days and avoided that option. Please let us know what can be done to solve the problem permanently.

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