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Submersible Pump not working at deeper bore wells - Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District

  • Borewell specifications
    • Depth - 350 ft
    • Current water level (Rainy season) - 50 ft
    • Rocky below 100 feet
  • Pump specifications
    • Multistage 4" dia texmo
    • 1.5HP
    • Single phase
    • Submersible pump at 320 feet below ground level

Whereas the pump is working at 200 feet depth, why not at 320 feet? The company claims it will work above 400 feet

In summer, the water level will be low hence we require higher deep. Our question is why the pump is not working when the water level is 300 feet above the pump?

What are the possible reasons and remedies?

Thanks and Regards




1. Submersible pump


A 1.5 hp pump should normaly work even beyond 300 ft, and the working head is decided not at the depth at which th epump is lowered to but the pumping water level.

unless of course it has only 7 or 10 stages and is ment to deliver a higeher quantity at lower discharge heads.

The other pratical reasons the present pump works at 200 ft but not at 320 feet could be

1) There is an insulation fault with the cable which is getting submerged while lowering the pump to 320 ft and is causing the malfuction


2) There is fine suspended material at that levl which increases the density of fluid that is to be pumped and the pump cannot develope the necessary rpm to push this mixture out.

Suggestion is to pour some detergent or  sodium Hexametaphosphate solution in the borewell, and lower the pump after switching the motor on.

Beyond 250 ft the lowering should be done very slowly . Futher lowering of the pipes should be halted if there is silt and suspended matter in the water, and one needs to wait until the water becomes clear before lowering the pump further.

This should help in slowly clearing out the suspended fines in the borewells.


Dr.Anil Lalwani


2. Dear Ahmed, At what depths

Dear Ahmed,

At what depths water was struck during drilling? That determines the maximum depth at which the pump can be fixed. What is the summer water level (before starting the pump and at the time of switching the pump off)?
Installing the pump at depth deeper than the optimum depth (depends on allowable drawdown and depths to different water bearing zones) would result in inefficient pumping and consumption of more power.
If the information required information is not available, best thing is to install the pump at a depth above the last fracture / water yielding zone (refer to the driller's information).

If this bit of information is not available, just fix the pump at a depth of 150 feet.


C. Udaya Shankar 

3. Dear Ahmed, The question is

Dear Ahmed,
The question is whether the total head from pumping level to the reservoir is within 300 ft. accordingly the pump position may be altered. If the overhead tank to which the water is to be stored is about 50 ft. above ground level, then equal depth has to be reduced.
With regrds,

D. Chakraborty
Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA)
New Delhi

4. Dear Mr. Meeran, Before

Dear Mr. Meeran,

Before posting my comment may I know the number of stages your pump have?

If it is insufficient inorder to deliver water from 300ft, this may happen. If the water column exceeds max. head of the pump, you have either to replace the pump with a high head pump or reduce the head. I strogly believe that your pump is short of stages. If you won't get the pump replaced free of cost, you need not buy the entire pump system but purchase only the 'Pump portion'.



Trivandrum 9447087293

5. How much will it cost to lay bore pipelines?

Dear Sir,

I have dug a new borewell in my house but have not installed any pipelines in the surrounding. Want to know how much it will cost to lay pipelines.


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