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Soak pit and septic tank problems - Coimbatore

I dwell in a 25 unit apartment complex in Coimbatore.

The septic tank which is 14 ft in length and 9 feet deep get frequently filled up despite regular cleaning.

We do not have a underground drainage system (UGD) from the municipality in our area and the current system is that the sewage is absorbed by earth.

Soak pit is made of big stones as wall and an unplastered bottom

Suggested line of action for a functional soak pit and septic tank





1. Dear Gururajan, Kindly

Dear Gururajan,

Kindly provide required detailes about Road level, GL of their plot, Water level in septic tank and size of septc tank. Also whether ground floor is only car parking or whether there are flats there also.

Thanks & Regards

Dr. S. Sundaramoorthy
Technical Advisor (ex-Engineering Director of Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board)
Creative Environmental Consultants
Chennai, Madras

2. Septic tank is not a solution

Dear Friends,

All past solutions are temporary. If you want a permanent and cost effective solution then please go for Biological Toilet.

Advantages of BioToilets: 1. Smaller tank size; 2. No smell; 3. Cost is almost half; 4. No solid waste

With regards,
Satish Gupta

3. Septic Tank and Choke Pit problem

Sir, I'am living in an 4 in 1 apartment at Chrompet in chennai. I have the same problem what Gurusha has mentioned. In my apartment the septic tank is situated in the car parking which is covered. The depth of the tank is 14 feet and width is 9 ft. Our road level is 1/4 feet lower than our car parking area. We have got the water at 40 feet depth. The water level in the septic tank is full now and so it is leaking out. we have two houses in ground floor and two at first floor. Only 4 houses in our apartment. I also experience the same difficulty that the septic tank gets fulled frequently. Please let me know a permanant solution for thie problem.


4. A permanant solution to your problem

Dear pstanand,

Can you please call me at: 93802-17176 (Chennai)?


5. same problem here..........


I am Ezhil frm perumbakkam,chennai. i read your comments, we are having the same problem exactly as a you mentioned.

ours is a new apartment approx 6 months old and same condition as yours. I would like to know whether your problem is solved or not. Here our septic tank is getting filled every 20 days and we are spending 1500 Rs for pumping out in the truck. sp please give me your valuable suggestions..Thanks and best regards, Ezhil


6. Biological treatment

Dear Anand,

You can go for some biological tablets that will accelerate the degradation procedure. These can help you keep your kitchen and washroom drain lines clear and your house free from cockroaches and flies. A typical house hold requires 4 tablets a month for whole house but for only septic tank you would require 1 tab per month for a family of 4.

Well this cannot be achieved overnight but I intend to provide you with some tablets if you wish. Call me at 9910170604 for further assistance.

Thanks and regards,
Chandan Mohanty
Technical Advisor
Amrit Clean Water Technologies

7. Vijay Vigyan Foundation can proide support

Dear Gururajan,
25 # times 4 100 users WW generation per day 10000 litres per day
We can provide you with a plan to make a wwt plant of capacity 10 kl per day
Space required for making the plant would be............sqm. and the recycled water can suply water for flushing toilets and irrigating landscapes...what is the plot area.??
Cost for making the STP plant would be around Rs.3.50 Lakhs.
Also please do see the website for details on VigyanVijay STPlants.
If you have interest, please feel free to be in touch.
With well wishes

Er. Ajit Seshadri

Er. Ajit Seshadri,Head- Environment, The Vigyan Vijay Foundation

8. Soak pit

Dear sir

Our ground floor is the main car parking area and our floor level is almost on par with road level. The depth of the septic tank is 10ft and length is 12 feet and has three compartments.The water is sent to the pit whcih is around 8ft dia annd 10ft deep



9. Choke Pit or Soak Pit?

Dear Gururajan,

Correct name for the pit which absorbs discharge of septic tank is "Soak Pit".

Frequent filling up of Septic tanks is mainly due to faulty location/construction of partition wall(s)  and openings therein. Sometimes it  is due to poor ventilation.

Prime requirement of efficient working of a Septic tank is digestion of scum through anaerobic bacteria. They need darkness and minimum surface disturbance. The partition walls should be such that the top layer of water in the digestion part of the Septic tank is not disturbed by incoming flow. The second need is safe passage of gasses generated from the process of digestion.

So, you have to check that the partition walls are as per requirements and that there is sufficient free board over the water surface to accommodate the gasses and there is a gas pipe to pass the same without creating pressure in the tank.

Gyan Prakash Soni

10. correction

We have made correction to mention 'soak pit'

11. Thanks

Thanks for correction.

12. Hi Mr.Gururajan,is your Septic Tank problem still bothering ..u.

Respected Sir

I went through the contents of the problem as mentioned by u, and it is a common one across all cities today in India. In case you still have the problem, you can contact me in my mobile  9489348272, and i m in Coimbatore.

My way of addressing the issue is to Bio-Augument the same, such that a long term solution is found, and i can suggest the same.




13. Soak pit and septic tank problems- Coimbatore

If Mr. Gururajan and  Mr. PST Anand get in touch with me, I can suggest a simple natural process in the garden which will reduce the load on the septic tank and alleviate the problem. The outlay will be modest.

Indukanth Ragade ( (044-2834 3506)

14. How to get biological toilet in North East India?


How to get hold of biological toilets in the North Eastern regions of India?

15. How can we resolve drainage problem in low lying areas?


Due to increase in the height of the road, now my house is beneath the road level. How to resolve the problem of drainage for the houses lying in low area?

16. I can advise you on RWH if you give me more details of the plot

Dear Anonymous

What is the difference in the levels between the road and the premises at the gate?

One way of preventing the road water coming into the premises is to have a ramp at the gate with a crest of appropriate height.The rainwater falling on the plot has also to be taken care of with appropriate rainwater harvesting. I can advise you on RWH if you give me more details of the plot.

Indukanth Ragade (

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