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Suggestion for green home - water recycling facility (Pondicherry)

I wish to build a house at 20x30 ft area in Puduvai, Pondicherry.

Please sugggest any indoor plant which is possible for my location, I am planning to leave ground floor for plantation.

Suggestions in making my home green and energy efficient

For a family of 4 members how much area is required for water recyle facility (root zone treatment)

Ground floor is entirely meant for this purpos. However, sunlight may be a limiting factor


Thank You.




1. Water in a green home

For a truly green home

1. Harvest rain from the rooftop into a sump

2. Build a composting toilet

3. Use greywater recycling for plants

Watch this video


2. Waste water treatment plant

Dear Sudalai,

Design for waste water treatment plant - WWT:

Waste- water in flow from house;

Sewage- Black water and human sludges from Toilet: 20 Lit per day 4 persons= 80 Lits p day

Sullage- Grey waters from Baths, Kitchen others: 100 lits per day 4 persons= 400 lits p day

Design Inflow for 4 persons to be considered as = 400- 500 lits per day.

Tanks to be used for WWT- Plant capacity 8 to 10 days.i.e 3kl to 4 kl.

Anaerobic septic tank sized 5 kl/ cbm with filter stones.

Root-zone beds to give for 2 kl / cbm.1.0 m wide, 2.0 m long deep say 1.0m with round 60 plants cayhna- indica in Tamil it is called kal vazhalai- plantain- kela.

Approx. cost of maing complete plnt would be Rs. 2.5 Lakhs will give Re-use water say 3kl per day for 360 days a year i.e 1080 kl/ cbm.

3000 litres per day can water- irrigate 1000 sqm of area of green-lawns, plants trees etc...

After all this the water to be taken to a sump- undergrounbd tank of cap 3kl/ cbm. Use a pump to withdraw re-uses water fot horticulture.

Send you some pics of the plant also.

Kindly go through the link here

 Trust info is easy to understand to start with.

All the best, for your great initiative for re-use of re-use water etc.

With well wishes,

Er. Ajit Seshadri

Er. Ajit Seshadri,Head- Environment, The Vigyan Vijay Foundation

3. Suggestion for green home- water recycling facility

Do you have any soil space which receives at least moderate amount of sunlight? If you have, then you can treat and reuse 60-65% of the used water by a simple treatment process that involves only soil, sunlight and water loving plants. If the ground flow is available, as you mention, is any part of it exposed to the sky? My simple system needs no chemicals or power, operates on its own on gravity and needs marginal effort in maintenance.

Indukanth Ragade -

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