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Water Meter Installation in flats / Calculating Charges - Consultant Required: Bangalore

I am from Bangalore, we are considering to install 'Water Meters' in every Flat in our apartment complex.This will help to us monitor the water usage and charge based on the consumption. (hopefully this will spur water savings!)

I came across few threads in this forum regarding this topic, but was not able to glean full details. We've the following doubts:

  1. What is the price of a water meter?
  2. Is there any yearly maintenance cost involved?
  3. Any Bangalore agencies who provides installation services?
  4. What is the typical charging model? (based on per litre or slab wise)




51. Water Saving through water meter

Before coming to a conclusion of saving water through water meter, I think you will need to think of the economics and psychology behind the results. The success of this initiative will depend on the complete cooperation of all the flat owners. If this initiative has been decided because of wastage of water by few flat owners and there has been no change in utilisation of water by these owners even after advice, then the result you will get from installation of water meter is going to be entirely differrent. This is because of the mind set behind the use of water and the incentive to the people after installation of water meters.

Calculate whether the incentive is big enough to trigger a water saving measure by these owners. If the incentive is not big enough then this could have a negative effect, because then the mind set would be "I am paying for the extra what I use". The practical problem here is that you cannot decide to have too big incentive for people who save water, because water is still cheap around here.

52. I also found out a similar

53. Water Saving through water meter

Hi Rajeeb

We do have experience in the Sub-metering and billing. In case you have not found answers to what you are looking for, I can help you.

Please feel free to contact me

AnCenergy Technology Service
Mob : 89040 68003
Land : 080 41642282

Regards ATS Sub-metering and Billing Team

54. Water Meter Supplies

Dear Sir

We are water meter dealers, We are supplying water meters to Apartments, Industries, STP etc. We can offer you the requirement , meantime the size is reqd & also if you desire we can inspect the site of installation & give general guidelines to go about it. Sometimes conventional approach may not be suitable for pre installed pipe lines, ideally the meters should be fixed at the time of commisioning the water line  

55. Supply of water meters

Dear Moaiyad,

I have many people asking for information on where they can buy water meters.Can you mail me your business address and contact numbers?You can mail it to me at :

Thanks & regards


Water Management Consultant

93437 34229


56. Water meter

Dear Mr. Moaiyad,

We at Himagiri Paradise, Kaggadasapura are going for water meter installation for each apartment. We are in the process of deciding on meters and plumbers.

Can you help us? If you can, please call me.




57. Installation of water meters for 16 flats

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are planning to install the water meter for 16 flats/ apartments. Kindly request you to provide the contact details so that we could proceed further.


Prashanth Pai (


58. Water meter installation in flats

We have a total of 50 flats in our apartment. Wanted to know how much cost will come for installing water meter.


59. Water meters

I look forward to hearing from you as we can address all your meter needs. 

Linda  828 206-5505

60. Water meter installation in apartment with 30 flats

Hi Linda,

I am looking for installing water meters in my apartment complex with 30 flats with multiple entry points to each flat, about three on an average. Please contact me.


61. few tips to choose water meters.

Dear Friends,

I have been associated with water meters for quite few years and would like to provide few tips while selecting good quality water meters. for sub metering purposes.

  1. The residential water meters are available in 15mm and 20mm and are available in two types. Single jet and Multijet technologies.
  2. In single jet, the water will flow without any obstruction in case any dirt and hence will be safe for sub metering. In Multijet meters, the meters are likely to choke in case dirt is allowed with water particularly in mansoon.
  3. Hence a single jet Class B should be preferred.
  4. An ISI meter get the ISI marking on just testing the accuracy of the meter under different flow rates and is not tested for another test called life cycle test which is much vigorous test. In life cycle test, the filed conditions are created in a lab like water flow and stop for one lac cycles and then the accuracy is again tested. If the meter has same accuracy after this test, the meter is really good quality. An ISI marked meter need not necessarily pass this test.
  5. Hence quality of just ISI meter is always a suspect.
  6. For assurance on quality a marking called EEC marking is available with few manufacturers in India. These meters will have passed this life cycle test and hence can be more reliable.
  7. It is found that by sub metering the water will be saved almost up to 25% which is a huge saving on apartments who depend on tankers.

Any further queries, please contact me on 98452 18310.

62. How to measure reading of each meter in apartment


We are also thinking of placing water meter in our apartment, we are having 300 apartments and usual problem of multiple line going into one particular flat and other stuff... but even if we overcome these chanlleges stilll one more practical problem which I foresee is how can you do meter reading say every month when meter is installed outside an apartment but at entry point to the flat (which is at a height). how do you guys manage this? does anyone come across this problem? because we cannot install all meter just outside at terrace itself...

63. Mr. Srinivasan, Please get in touch

Hi Srinivasan,

If you have still not yet finalized on the solution, please email us at or for a possibly better solution. Alternatively please call on 89040 68003.


64. sub metering

Dear Mr. Srinivasan,

This is very common problem in most of the apartment complexes. There is no one entry point of water to each flat. There could be even more than 2 entry points. Under the circumstances there are only two options.

1. Change the plumbing to enable single entry point or

2. Install as many meters as entry points.

First option is extremely difficult which involves huge cost. Only second option can be done to measure actual consumption. Eventhough there are remote meter reading technologies readily available in India, the cost will be very high which cannot be borne by an apartment of 300 blocks.

Meter raadings can be taken on a fixed day every month or once in two months. That is the only way. Every month the flat owner has to provide the data to owner's association. This can be cross checked once in 3 months by the association.





65. Reading meter

Dear Venkatesh,

Could you pleas make the point clear about how the meter reading has to be done in high rise apartments where there are multiple entries to the flat. Does it mean the water meters are located inside the flat or some one has to climb to get the reading.


Also is there any agency available who specialises in this who can come to the sit and do the meter installation . Please let us know.

Best regrds



66. Meter installation

Dear Sir,

The meters have to be installed at each entry point of the water for each flat.

There should be some outlet/opening/window to read the meter from each flat from where thereading has to be taken. Going up by ladder will not be possible. ( The remote reading facility is available with us but would cost lot of money).

There are couple of contractors who are basically plumbing contractors who can be hired for installing the meters.




67. Installing water meters

The meters are read remotely, the install is very easy and there is one in each unit. Metering makes it fair to the customer and  increases your bottom line. We are an american based company specializing in water meter installtion and billing reading. I am interested in speaking with you regarding this service.

68. Installing water meters

Hi Linda,

We have 64 apartments in our building and the water entry points for each apartment are three in number. That mean we have to install a meter on all three entry points. At least one entry point is in a an inaccessible place where meter reading is not possible on a monthly basis. The remote reading technology would be useful then. Also if these are clamp on flow meters, we can save the trouble of cutting and installation. Please respond back with ideas and cost.



69. Installing water meters

Dear Mr.Venkatraman

Conventional meters are not suitable for multiple PoE water inlets. We have a solution for multiple Points of Entry, we can send you the details of the same please free to email us a or call us at 91 89040 68003.

The brochure can be downloaded from the following link


Vinod D

89040 68003

Regards ATS Sub-metering and Billing Team

70. Water Meter Installation

We are working on similar solutions in Mumbai.

China they have single entry at ground level (just like electric meters)

Meters are available, can be installed in vertical lines.

We have wired solution, meter reading device can be installed in the apartment.



71. Large apt complex - water meters?

Are there success stories of water meter installations in large apartment complexes (500+ flats with 10+ floors) where there are multiple entry points into flats? 

I'm seeing the following issues:

a) The cost is huge

b) The meter reading becomes difficult unless there is a way of reading the meters from a central location

Are there any systems that cater to installation of 1500+ water meters and automatic aggregation of these meter readings from a central point? What would be the total cost involved?

72. Ancenergy technology services


Please get in touch with us at Ancenergy Technology Services.

We have electronic water meters with capabilities of remote reading and yet inexpensive with a very good pay-back period. You could write to us at or or call us on 89040 68003. Alternatively please provide your contact information.

Gomathi Vinod

73. Remote water meters - Cost

Please let me know how much the remote reading water meter costs in Bangalore

74. Water Meter

Kindly send the following water meters to enable us to quote the same to the party along with price list and product catalogue.

1) Elster make Water Meter  DN: 32   QTY. 10 NOS/

2)           - D0 -                  DN: 80   QTY. 2 NO.

3)           - DO -                  DN:150   QTY. 5 NOS.

4)           - DO -                  DN: 100  QTY. 1 NO.

5)           - DO -                  DN: 250  QTY. 1 NO.


P.S. Aji Kumar

MOB: 09826554333

75. Need help on installing water meters


I live in an apartment complex with 96 residential blocks in Hyderabad. We are facing severe water problem and all our bore wells went dry inspite of us implementing rain water harvesting solution 3 years back. Part of it is attributed to the scanty rains last year.

We are currently living on the supply through tankers and this ended up costing us close to Rs 2000 per month per residential flat irrespective of the usage which I feel is not in good faith.

To help curtail the usage and letting the users pay for what they use, we thought of going for installing the meters at all entry points of flat.

I need some pointers on what kind of meters to be used and who to contact for the same.

Appreciate your responses


Uday Pratti


76. Meter suppliers - details

Meter suppliers                                                                               

1. Envirox Protection - 9848047217, 9821799989 (Santosh Vidwan)
2. Mantex Construction - 9866306233 (P.C.Rao)
3. Deccan Power Products - 9849008490,998541491 (SeetharamReddy/Prasad Reddy)
4. Deeshwan Systems - 9595558199  (Henry)
5. Shrirang Accord JV - 9324646964 (Kapil Karia)

77. Water flows per unit for a water meter

Dear Sir,
I have to charge my consumers as per the amount of water consumed by them.
And I want install water meter at their residence. But I dont know, the amount of water flows per unit .
So can you please help me find out the amount of water per unit for various type of meters.

78. Sub metering

Mr. Alok,

For sub metering of any residential applications, a 1/2" single jet meter should be alright since it does not hold small contaminations in the meter and the meter has a nominal flow rate of 1500 lph which is more than enough. Nominal flow rate is the flow rate at which the meter gives good accuracy.



79. Magnetic v/s mechanical metering - which is better?


Following up on your response to Alok, could you also suggest which one is better for domestic metering - mechanical or magnetic? What would be the advantages and dis-advantages. other than the fact that magnetic is costly?


80. Turbine type mechanical meters with magnetic suspension

Dear Srini,

Thanks for your interest. Most of the quality meter manufacturers provide water meters which are turbine type mechanical with magnetic suspension. This technology prevents water from entering in to register from where the reading is taken. These are not too expensive and cost around Rs.1000. These will have a much longer life compared to some meters which still provide meters with geared mechanisms.

I hope I am clear.


81. Looking for guidance on meter reading

Thanks Venkat,

I have now purchased and installed the Dasmash magnetic driven water meter (single jet) shown in the link below. I have noted the reading in the meter during installation.

I am looking for guidance on meter reading. Unfortunately there was not a single piece of paper in the box, no installation manual or meter reading guide.

  • Is there anything I need to follow in particular while taking the reading and billing the tenants?
  • What does the first 3 numbers in the meter in red indicate?
  • Say if it shows 0000503, does that mean 503 litres have been consumed? 

Any help is appreciated.

82. Will help you with meter reading and billing needs

Hi Srini,

Can you send me the picture of the meter showing the dials, I will help you to figure out the readings.

I have experience in billing water, electricity, gas etc., and can help you with your reading and billing needs.

Vinod D
Contact number : 89040 68003

My email address :

Regards ATS Sub-metering and Billing Team

83. How to interpret meter readings

Dear Sir,

Reading the meter is very simple. You will find black and red digits on the meter.

Black stands for kilo litres, ie., the first black on the extreme right is in thousands. If this digit reads 2, it means consumption is 2000 litres. Next black ie., second from extreme right gives in ten thousands; third from extreme right in lakhs and so on. The extreme left red digit ie., immediately after the black one will show hundreds and next red will be in ten litres.

For example: 1234.56 where 1234 is in Black and 56 is in red, the actual reading is 12 lakh 34 thousand 5 hundred and 40 ltrs.

Hope I am clear.

84. Water meter installation in apartment complex


I am from Hyderabad and am planning to install water meters in my apartment complex. I have gone through many of the posts. My problems are also similar to the rest of the people. viz. 1) Multiple entry points, 2) Reading meters.

Please contact me with your invaluable suggestions,


85. Water usage

An average person uses 60 gallons of water per day, an average of 1800 gallons per month per person. You will need a residential size meter 5/8 and 3/4. This will carry the flow for a unit. Metering the individual units will increase your cash flow and cut your usage by 30%. 

I would be happy to help you with more if you need my assistance.  I have 26 years of experience. 

Linda Knox

86. Regarding water meter for small apartment complex

Dear Sir,

I am living in a complex with 6 flats. Due to escalating water bills we are planning to redo our plumbing which is 15yrs old now. We are planning to divide the common water tank into 6 tanks and put a water meter in each outlet, so that the residents will reduce water wastage.

However we have no experience in this matter. Also few of the residents are apprehensive about the meters and are claiming high failure rates.

1. I request any of the experts to kindly clarify whether this is true. What are the common causes of failure?

2. Also is it possible to detect leaks such as toilet flush leaks, and leakage from joints which are of low flow rate type with metering?

3. Is there any brand and type of meter which is better than others?

4. I have read elsewhere that air flowing through the water meter causes causes erroneous reading. If this is true, all my reading are likely to be wrong as my pipes are almost always filled with air rather than water.

I thank you in advance.

Sudhir P

87. Proper installation can limit running with air

Dear Mr. Sudhir,

A good quality water meters can give you life of atleast 5-7 years with good accuracy where an ordinary meter can fail as early as 6 months. All mechanical meters in the world run when air passes through them since they are designed for free flow. If somebody promises against it, it is false promise.

Proper installation can limit running with air. For more details you can call me.

98452 18310

88. Water Sub-Metering solution-article on IWP

Hi Sudhir,

Please see the article posted about water submetering in India Water Portal for more information

If you need more detaiils please feel free to call me on 89040 69003 or email me at

I will be posting an artilce specifically about sub-metering solutions shortly.

Vinod D
89040 68003

89. How to take meter reading at periodic intervals?

Dear Sir,

The main problem is, we do not know how to take reading of the water meter at periodical intervals. Please provide a concrete solution/ reply, as we have a flat complex with 5 floors

Murali Mohan, Secunderabad

90. Water softening and metering in society complex,Delhi-Need Help

We residents of a society complex in Delhi with 125 dwellings primarily rely on ground water. Following information is sought for upgrading our systems:

(1) For a consumption of 135 litres/person/day, is it possible to get a water softening plant installed by the society with downstream Reverse Osmosis (RO) treatment at individual dwelling-level? What would be approximate installed and running cost. Who would be recommended vendors.

(2) To make water charged on consumption basis we intend to install metering devise on 1.5in inlet pipe. What would be approximate installed cost/ meter and who could be recommended vendors.

91. Details required to install water meters for a gated community

Dear Sir,

I live in a colony of independent houses in Hyderabad. We are having 80 houses in our colony. We are planning to install individual water meters for each and every house in our colony. Some of our point of entries were 1" connections and some of them were 1/2 " connections. I would require the following details:
1. Cost of each meter
2. Approximate cost of installation for each meter
3. Who should be contacted for the billing system. We are looking at a similar billing system that the municipal corporation would be using.

Rajasekhar Muppalla
Mobile: 98491 09579

92. Consolidating the entry points - Metering water - Any success?

Hi everyone,

I live in an apartment complex in Bangalore that has 182 units across two 7-storied blocks. It's peak of summer and as usual several mail threads have started in our email group on water consumption, best practices and how water should be charged, engineering theories etc. Just like India forgets their abroad test failures when IPL or home series is on, people usually forget about this HOT topic after summer :) This time hopefully we want to do something about it.
Basically, 182 apartments have 3 inlets each and I would like to understand the following:
(1) Is there a success story (by any member here) where a similar apartment complex has been successful in implementing metering of water?
(2) If so, what would be the rough cost of consolidating three inlets into 1 (i.e 182 metes) v/s installing 3 meters per flat (546 meters)
(3) Is there any proven remote meter reading technology that's affordable?

Best regards,
Ajith Prasad
(I do not want to share my contacts, hopefully I can pass your information to the empowered committee)

93. Hi Ajith, please contact us

Hi Ajith,

Could you please call us on 89040 68003. If you are not apprehensive about sharing your email id, then we would like to send you our brochure with pricing details of point-of-entry metering system with remote reading capability.

You could also reach us via email on,


94. Succes story in Bangalore

Hi Mr. Ajit Prasad,

We have many success stories where in using 15mm water meters, the comsumption of tanker water has reduced by 50%. To give an estimate, one of the apartment in Bangalore spent around Rs. 5 Lac for 52 flats and are saving water from 16 tankers per day to around 6 tankers per day on week days and 8 tankers per day on weekends. The cost of the project was recovered in around 3 to 4 months.

For more details, please speak to me on 98452 18310.


95. Water meter with totalizer system for multi storied apartments


Greetings from C Systems Pvt Ltd, Chennai. We have successfully supplied, installed, tested, commissioned and handed over 632 water meters in 11 storied apartments ( block A)and 6 storied apartment (block B).

The most highlighting features in our installation are as follows:

  1. Dynamic water meter readings of all the 632 meters can be viewed & recorded in a single location through our totalizer hardware and software.
  2. Monthly billing reports for all the meters can be generated in a mouse click.
  3. The physical reading in water meter display can be obtained & cross checked in the totalizer software.
  4. Alarm reports can be generated if the water is not consumed for a specific period to detect meter related faults.

Please find the below site details where we have installed water meter totalizer system:

Client : Ceebros Property Developers

Site : Ceebros Boulevard, OMR, Chennai – 97,


  • No. of Flats : 352
  • No. of water meters : 632
  • No. of controllers : 94
  • No. of Gateways : 3

Software : Water Meter Totalizer Software

Please contact us for any enquires.


Chendhir Kumar.V


96. Need water meter for 62 flat apartment in Chennai

Hi all,

I am staying in a 62 flats apartment in Chennai and we have a huge water problem here, so we are planning to fix water meter for each flat. We have 3 bores and 2 sumps, 30k each, one is for bore water and another one is for corporation/tanker lorry water. We have 13 blocks and each block has 4-6 flats. We have an overhead tank in each block. The overhead tank is divided by 2, one is for bore water and another one is for lorry water. Here, each flat has 3 inlet lines, for example one pipe is coming from the overhead tank to fist floor kitchen and ground floor kitchen same way for other 2 bath rooms. We don't have any valves to close any single line because if we close the valve, the water will not go to 2 flats.

We are planning to measure the water usage of each flat. What are the suggestion you can give to help us in the successful implementation? Also, few of them are telling water meters wont work/measure properly, so we need the brand name of the water meter. If any good plumber is available in Chennai for doing this work, please refer him to me.

I spoke to one plumber, he said, water meter wont work well, also now the pipe lines are in vertical position if we want to change the pipeline for each flat we need to put the connection in horizontally which will create problem. We are in a confused situation now. Please share your experience and suggestions.

Rajeshkanna C

97. Water management example from Chennai

Since long, for about thirty years now, at least two apartments in Kalashetra road, Tiruvanmiyur in Chennai named "Mayura Flats" and "Sivakumara nilayam" have individual overhead tanks in the terrace for each flat with a closure-float. The tanks are filled once or twice a day (depending on water supply) from a "Mother tank". Such filling is done during pre-announced time. Thereafter the outlet of the mother tank is closed.

The residents are sure of water supply throughout the day as long as their consumption does not exceed their tank capacity. They don't store water. In case you wish to install a meter the same can be done just prior to the inlet to individual water tank. When the resident goes on vacation the outlet of the individual tank can be closed. If the resident defaults payment of maintenance water supply can be suspended. The basic idea s that of the builder (named Sundaresan). Kudos to him

98. Require contractor/plumber for water meter installation for apts

I'am from Nizampet village, Kunkatpally (Hyderabad). We are planning to install water meters in our apartments (total 40 flats).

We require a contractor or plumber who has good experience in this .
Please contact me with details.


99. Plan to get water meter in our apartment - Need contacts


We decided to get water meter installed in our 5 floor apartment which consists of 3 blocks & total of 16 houses. If any agency who does this type of work can reply back in this forum or mail me at, I would really appreciate it.


100. You can contact me on 9845218310

You can contact me on 9845218310

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