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Water Meter Installation in flats / Calculating Charges - Consultant Required: Bangalore

I am from Bangalore, we are considering to install 'Water Meters' in every Flat in our apartment complex.This will help to us monitor the water usage and charge based on the consumption. (hopefully this will spur water savings!)

I came across few threads in this forum regarding this topic, but was not able to glean full details. We've the following doubts:

  1. What is the price of a water meter?
  2. Is there any yearly maintenance cost involved?
  3. Any Bangalore agencies who provides installation services?
  4. What is the typical charging model? (based on per litre or slab wise)




1. Dear Rajeeb, First of all,

Dear Rajeeb,

First of all, your interest in getting this done in the apartment complex you live in is really commendable. In all probability the water consumption has exceeded whatever the bore wells can supply (possibly the bore wells have gone dry), making it necessary to rely on water tankers for supplies. With summer coming, water scarcity is the norm and water tanker suppliers have all raised their rates making tanker water a very expensive proposition. In the last 5 to 7 years that I have been involved in working with domestic water users of water, I have found that approximately 20% to 30% of the users in an apartment complex account for almost 80% of the total water used. In an apartment, as a matter of standard practice, builders install piping that supplies water to an apartment with any where from 2 to 4 points of entry into an apartment. This is quite different from an individual house/bungalow where the water connection is at one single point, i.e the underground water collection sump from which water is pumped to an over head tank for supply to the house. In most cases it is a BWSSB connection with a water meter which measures the water consumed and for which the BWSSB sends monthly bills.

             The above described methods of providing water into a residential unit and being able to measure it are completely different. It is feasible only in a house/bungalow while it is difficult in an apartment since it would involve installing a water meter at each point of entry into the flat. Assuming the pipes are of 0.5 inch size, the approximate cost of each water meter may be up to Rs.1500/-each.Total cost would be Rs.1500/- multiplied by number of entry points. Invariably, the total cost per apartment puts off the residents/owners of apartments who drop the matter. Unfortunately, the water availability is declining each year and apartment complexes have to install some system that will make it possible to have a system that will allow water supply to be monitored, measured and controlled.

You can contact me for clarifications on the phone number I have given.


Ion Exchange
Mob: 9343734229

2. Water meters- Names of some suppliers in Bangalore

Many people have asked for names and contact details of suppliers of water meters. I am giving below names of a couple of companies:

  • Itron India, manufactures 1.2 million water meters per annum.They make both domestic water meters as well as industrial water meters ranging is size from 15mm to 40mm for domestic and from 15mm to 150mm for industrial.

Contact: Mr.Venkatesh - 98452 18310

  • Y.A. Industrial Suppliers, No.162/7,S.P.Road,Bangalore-560002

Contact persons: Mr.Yusuf/Mr.Murtaza Land lines:22236483/41143747

Mobile:98860 80952/94483 51319


3. Water meter installation in flat comlex

Dear Mr. Ranganthan

I have a query about installing water meter in a flat complex as listed below:

1. Could we install water meter in the flat complex (inlet line)

2. Where could we place the water meter so that it is convenient to take meter reading monthly (as and when required)

3. We have 5 storey flat complex consisting 4 units in each block. Please tell us the exact location of meter fixing.

4.What is the cost of Elester water meter  (15 mm) including the cost of pipe line. (Water to be supplied from over head water tank which has been installed at roof terrace.)

Please reply so that we could plan for installing water meter in flat complex as soon as possible.



Rajeev Kumar

4. POE solution for water metering in apartments

There is a new technology water metering system available for apartments which will require far less re-plumbing in multi-entry points in apartments. We are on the verge of launching it in Bangalore. Please contact us on 89040 68003 or 080-41642282 for further details. I will post the brochure of the product/solution very soon.


89040 68003

5. Need info on new technology water metering systems

Hello Gomathi,

Please can you send me more details.


6. Please provide your contact details

Please provide your contact or write to us at or

Alternatively, please call on 89040 68003

7. Interested in water meter installation at HBR Layout, Bangalore

Dear Ms. Gomathi,

In continuation to my phone call to you this morning (4.6.12), this is regarding installation of water meters in our apartment. Our apartment is in HBR layout, Bangalore. It is a G+3 apartment. There are 9 x 2B apartments (3 in each floor) and 2 penthouses, hence total of 11 apartments. Water is taken through a common pipe from the tanks to all the apartments and then there are 3 inlets to each apartment. 1-kitchen, 2-bathroom,3-bathroom. All piping is on the either side external walls of the apartment.

We are interested in installing water meters at every inlet and then having remote reading, either in the parking lot or near each apartment. Please let us know the next step.

Will your representative come and do an analysis of our apartment and give us an estimate? Will you give us a demo? How long will installation take? Please do let me know. It is an urgent need so i hope you will contact me at the earliest. After our phone call this morning , you said you would email me your brochure. But I have not received it as yet.

Thank you.

8. Water meters

Dear Mr Sudhir,

I stay in an apartment complex in Hennur and saw that you have done quite a bit of research on this topic and from your above thread it is clear that you have spoken to Ms Gomathi, who wanted to know how did it go and did you find the information useful when you visited their website based on the email but could not gather any information from there.

So much so there is no address of the firm so thought if I could check up with you. We are also facing the same problem as yours of multiple entry points in an apartment as we have 76 flats on 4 stories we need help in curtailing this problem would really appreciate if you could share the info collected by you.



9. Visit our website for information on water metering systems

Hello Nikhil,

Just in case you still haven't been reached, the website to the metering division of Ancenergy is

You can download brochure and obtain required information. Please do feel free to drop us an email on or call us on 8904068003 or 9886511477 .

We are happy to share with you that we have a couple of pilot projects running and one in a 163 unit apartment where installation is almost complete and ready for commissioning.

10. Contact us to fit your taps with water saving components

Hello Sudhir,

We have gone through your mail & would like to tell you that we at M/s Akruthi Concepts specialise in water conservation & represent a company from Germany by name M/s Neoperl for the whole south India. The company has actually come up with a small component which can be retro fitted into all the taps irrespective of the brand and make thereby slashing down the total water consumed in an apartment to less than 50% and not even knowing that this has actually taken place.

You will not be required to do any kind of plumbing work or metering as at any given point of time the water consumed will be same either on the ground floor or on the top floor. The current flow rate in the apartment can be measured by our team and shown to you, and then this component can be inserted into the tap reducing the consumption to almost 50-60%.

Please revert on our mail id or call on 8904469682 and we shall come down to demonstrate the same.


11. Need water meters for appartment complex in Hyderabad

We need water meters in Hyderabad for my aparment complex, agencies interested in supplying us the same can contact me.

12. Contact us for details on our water conservation products

We at M/s. Akruthi Concepts specialize in water conservation products and represent a company by name M/s. Neoperl from Germany, who have come up with small plastic components of a very high quality and this component can be retro fitted into any brand/ make of taps or faucets were by redusing the total consumption of the water to less than 50% consumed currently.

We are here by attaching a graph showing the difference of discharge from a normal aretor fitted in your tap versus our component. The blue line shows the working of a normal aretor and the water discharge increases as the pressure increases, but if you see the red line in the graph which is our product you can get a desired flow irrespective of the line pressure. Where by saving atleast 50% of the water every time the tap is operated. looking forward to here soon from you.


13. Thank you so much Mr.Ranganathan

Dear Mr.Ranganathan,

It  really gave me immense pleasure when I spoke to you.
Thanks for giving a detailed information about the Watermeter (make, cost, installation, monitoring)
I am so thankful to you. May God bless your service & health.


14. Need info to install water meters to monitor water usage

I am very interested in planning to instal water meters in each house of my building. All the houses have the pipelines done inside the wall and all these days we were using unlimited water from the borewell which had plenty of water, now it is dry & we are depending upon tanker water.

I have an underground sump of 6000 Ltr capacity & overhead tank of 4000 ltr capacity, from overhead tank there is only one outflow pipeline which distributes water to four floors having eight houses where all the pipelines are made inside the wall till tap of every house, kindly advice me how to install water meter to each house to moniter water consumption & charge them accordingly?

I have a budget of 1500/- per meter, as i have eight houses with more than twenty taps. Is it required to put a meter to each tap or better to close all the taps & retain one tap in each house to fix meter for that? Kindly advice me in this regards.

Thanks in advance


15. Contact us for water meters

Dear Mr. Swamy,

We have meters to suit your budget which will provide very good accuracy for a very long period. Please contact me on 98452 18310.


16. Further Details needed

Dear Mr Ranganathan,

It goes without saying that the problem described here is very widespread without any institutional solution in place. I found an interesting article describing one solution:

I am trying to locate those people. In the mean time, if you have specific information about which water meters are known to work well for domestic use, I will be appreciative. My apartment complex is in Secunderabad, AP

17. Metering water supply to apartments.

Thanks for the link Prakar.It was good to read about the residents of an apartment who have actually installed a system with water meters to monitor and measure water consumption. I will also try and find the people involved.

Water meters that my company used to buy regularly when I was still employed were from two manufacturers and I know them by only brand names " KAYCEE" and "CAPSTAN". You will probably find them in big Hardware shops. If I find any addresses I will post the info as a further reply to you.



18. Need vendor for installing water meters in Hyderabad

I am a resident of Hyderabad. Our apartment has 16 flats. We intend to install individual water meters to curb misuse of water as well as to ensure that users pay for their consumption.

Please advice vendors details in Hyderabad.


Rajender Hazare

Cell # 9440337232

19. Need assistance to stop water wasteage or fix water meter

Hi All,

We have a G+3 building in Bangalore recently built, at present water is good at borewell but the tenants have started using more than our expectation in few days itself after occupying. Our intention is to minimize usage of water since in our are water levels are very low and getting water is pure luck.

Since we have already given the connections to kitchen/toilet, would like to know if there is any way to control water usage or is it possible to fix water consumption meters. Looking for solutions and cost details.

Thanks & Regards,

20. Need vendors to install individual water meters in Hyderabad

I am resident of Hyderabad. Our apartment has 16 flats. We intend to install individual water meters to curb misuse of water as well as to ensure that users pay for their consumption. Please advice vendors details in Hyderabad, who take up the entire job of installation and commissioning on turn-key basis.


Rajender hazare

Cell # 9440337232

21. How to share water from 1000 ltrs tank


My Name is A.Eshwar Kumar. We have a 2 floor building with the ground floor. We have problem sharing the water on each floor. We have 1000 lts tank on the roof and the each floor has been split accordingly with a single pipe. Can you please suggest how to tackle this problem in sharing the water. Whether I can split the water connection for each floor by installing a tank for each floor with 500 lts or by installing the water meter for each floor. Please suggest me which will be the better idea.


22. Contact for installation of water meters in flats in Bangalore


We are 986 flat populated residential society. We need the water meters installed in all the flats for conservation of water. Please submit your best offer for the supply, installation and commissioning of the meters in all the flats. If you have any other technique for water conservation, we welcome your advice. 

President Concorde Manhattan Owners Welfare Assn.

23. Need info on water meters to install in 8 flats in Hyderabad


Our apartment has 4 floors and each floor has 2 flats.We are planning to install water meter for all the 8 flats.

Need contact details of whom or where to approach for these meters.


24. Contact for solutions related to water meter issues


Pls contact us for any kind of water metering and billing solutions. We are based in Chennai having representives across India.

25. Water meter with totalizer system for multi storied apartments

Dear All,

Greetings from C Systems Pvt Ltd, Chennai. We have successfully supplied, installed, tested, commissioned and handed over 632 water meters in 11 storied apartments (block A) and 6 storied apartment (block B). The most highlighting features in our installation are as follows:
1. Dynamic water meter readings of all the 632 meters can be viewed & recorded in a single location thro' our totalizer hardware and software.
2. Monthly billing reports for all the meters can be generated in a mouse click.
3. The physical reading in water meter display can be obtained & cross checked in the totalizer software.
4. Alarm reports can be generated if the water is not consumed for a specific period to detect meter related faults.

Please find the below site details where we have installed water meter totalizer system: Client : Ceebros Property Developers Site : Ceebros Boulevard, OMR, Chennai – 97, Ph:044-42169923 No. of Flats : 352 No. of water meters : 632 No. of controllers : 94 No. of Gateways : 3 Software : Water Meter Totalizer Software.

Please contact us for any enquires.

Chendhir Kumar.V

26. Should we instal sand filters to protect water meters


We have 77 apartments in our complex and we are planning to go-ahead with water meters. We are having 18 apartments each in 3 floors and 5 pent houses in 4th floor. Our piping is a single line running from over head tank to all the floors.Hence we need to change the piping to support water meters. We are sourcing water from borewells and tankers and we can see the water is very hard in nature and with lots of slush or dust particles. I would like to know if the water meters will be damaged because the quality of the water or not and do we need to put sand filter to remove dust particles and remove hardness through softner before fixing water meters. Please help advice.

27. Need info on water meters for row houses to measure consumption

Dear Friends,

There are 100 row houses in society, each with individual single water line.

Would like to know what type of water meter is best for measuring water consumption.


28. Conatct me for details regarding installing water meters

If you are looking out for water meter installation, please do contact me and I will be able to help you with the best water meter, good plumber and the care to be taken while installing water meters. You can contact me at 9686355422.

29. Contact us for water meter installation

We will help you to identify the right materials and people at the best rates for your water meter project.

Please vist us on Facebook @ watermeterpeople. We will exactly tell you what is required for the installation process, how to install the meters and anything related to the same. We will provide you with the best of plumbers. For more details you can contact me @- +91-9686355422.

30. I am interested in water meter installation

I am interested in water meter installation, kindly send me the details

My mail id is

31. Please check our apartment and share your proposal

Can you please check our apartment and share your proposal. My contact number is 9500089067

32. How to cut down water wasteage?

Dear Chendhir kumar,
Hi I am Nivash from Chennai-Tambaram. I have nine rented house in my apartment. In recent days due to insufficient rain we are facing water scarcity problem in our area. We have advised our tenants to use water properly and not waste it, but some tenants are using water lavishly, we can’t monitor each tenants indivdualy. Can you provide solution for this water problem?

Thanks & regards,

33. Contact us for more info

Dear Sir,

Please contact us: Pankaj Upadhyay Email: Mob: 09311575803 Website:

34. Need details of totalizer meters and cost of installation

Hi Chendhir,

I like the concept of the totalizer system,  Can you send details of the meters & its cost of installation.

We are a 50 unit commuity in Whitefield Bengaluru.

Narendra Secratary
WBOA ( Whitefield Boulevard, Bangaluru )

35. Contact us to know details about water saving device

Hello Shrikanth,

We can surely solve your problem in a very very simple way without even having to do any kind of plumbing or metering, please contact us at


36. Contact us for details on water meters for the row houses

Dear Mr. Hiren,

We have given similar solutions for many row houses. Please call me on 98452 18310


37. Need info on water meter totalizer for apartment with 12 flats

Need infomration on water meter totalizer for a 4 floor apartment with 12 flats.-


38. Contact me for quality water meters

Hello Chiranjeevi,

You can conatact me on 9845218310 for quality water meters.


39. Contact us for information on water meters

Hello Hiren,

We have provided metering solutions to many row houses in Bangalore. For more details please call me on 9845218310.


40. Contact for water meter vendor details


I will give the details of the water meter vendor and the best water meter as per the survey that I have done around Bangalore. Contact me at 9886194910

41. Is there any specific measurement for sump construction by BWSS

Dear friend,

I just want to know is there any standing guidelines to the construction of water sumpes site measuring 1500 sq ft and building 2400 sqft in Kammanahalli area

42. This is a great pieace of

This is a great pieace of information. If we can the details of this implementation that would be a great help for our community.

43. metering water supply to individual apartments

Dear Rejeeb,

A couple of weeks ago, indiawaterportal carried the article/blog of an apartment dweller who has been able to successfully install water meters for water consumed by each of the 32 flats in his apartment complex.I have exchanged e mails with this person and also spoken to him at length.His is a great success story and I now understand how this was done.If you need my help you are welcome to contact me.I also urge you to read about it on indiawaterportal.



Water Management Consultant



44. Metering of water consumption


I live in an apartment in Bangalore. 

52 apartments in all (4 stories)

2 borewells - gone dry - now showing life after RWH for the last 3 years

approx 11 tankers * 5000 ltrs capacity bought from 2009-2010 per day

Decided to install Water meter for each apartment - initial opposition over come

had to redo plumbing - did a Proof of concept - and then couple of engineers from our apartment  proposed solution with our own supervision

Each apartment had atleast 3 entry points shared with others 

consolidated as a single entry point for each apartment.

implemented the solution by May 2010

Tanker consumption reduced by ~ 30% - the project cost was about 3L and we believe at the rate of

4 tankers * Rs. 300 per day

we have already recovered the cost of project from an overall stand point.

though some residents have spent money on water meter to only pay more now because consumption has been higher!

this has forced people to conserve and reuse water.

we are enjoying a successful implementation in our apartment. we went for flow meteres with 30 ltrs per hour sensitivity so we could measure leaks and force people to correct the same - because it is their money which is leaking if not fixed!

accountability is the key to success!



45. Hi Vinod, Really excited to

Hi Vinod,

Really excited to hear your success story. If possible I would like to get more details about the implementation.

Could you please share your contact details in my mail address "rejeeb[at]"



46. Water meter project


I had not got notifications for this in a while. if you are still interested you may reach to me at, I can guide on this.

It is close to 2 years since we installed meters in our apartment and people use water lot more responsibly these days. The choice of meter is important - select a meter that detects very low flow rate.
The project was driven by residents of the apartment - primarily about 4 of us, checking the design, alterations. we procured the materials ourselves and engaged a plumber instructing him on how and what to do?


47. metering water supply to individual apartments

Dear Vinod,

I think your mail was in reply to my mail dated May 2011.Yours is the second case of success in metering water supplied to individual apartments.Congratulations on your success.You are the second case of an apartment complex having succeeded in doing this entirely on your own.I have referred to an earlier case(some time in April 2011) in my earlier mail where it was an effort entirely by the residents with one of them taking the lead in doing it.

Please share the details of how you achieved the individual metering by posting it on "indiawaterportal".It will be a big help to many apartment owners' associations in Bangalore who would like to do the same thing.I would also appreciate your giving me your address and contact number as I would like to speak to you and find out how you did it.

Thanking you in anticipation.




48. Installation of water meters

Dear Vinod,

Really great to hear that water meter installtion is a great success. Kindly request you to share the contact details of the plumbers/agency who installed the water meters in your apartments.

We are planning to go for water meter installation for 16 flats 4 storey building. It would be great if you could share the details.


Prashanth Pai

49. Water submetering - Please share contact details

Hi Vinod,

Can you please provide details of the water submetering installed? Who did it for you? Was it done by professionals?
Can you please give me the contact number of these people?


50. Installation of water meters in apartments, Hyderabad

Dear Sir

We are based at Hyderabad, having 47 apartments and want to install water meters in each apartment so that we pay for what we consume.
Kindly advise me in this regard, in all aspects.

Thanking you,

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